Loose Women presenters angered by sacking of co-stars Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler

Lynda Bellingham: not happy with treatment of Loose Women presenters

A number of Loose Women presenters are threatening to mutiny following the sacking of Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler. Lynda Bellingham, Carol McGiffin and Andrea McLean are among those said to be irritated by the way show executives told the two they were leaving. They are threatening to reduce the number of days they appear on the show when the new series starts in autumn unless they are given more say on the panel.

A source told the Mirror: “All the girls were pretty peeved about the way in which Kate and Zoe were handed their notices. The women are, and were, a tight-knit bunch. They didn’t feel changed needed to be done in such a dramatic fashion.” Carol Vorderman and former Coronation Street star Sally Lindsay are set to replace them, but the group is worried about the chemistry between them all.

The source added: “There is concern that, because they didn’t all screen-test together, the chemistry will not be completely right. Things are tense at the moment as no one feels their job is safe.”

Zoe, 41, previously revealed she was “shocked” at the speed of her sacking.

She said: “It was so sudden, so it’s a bit of a shock. Telly is always changing, but they didn’t see me as part of the future of the show. I have to accept it, it’s out of my hands.

“We were just given the reason that things had to change. With TV you understand things need to change.”

Zoe Tyler ‘shocked’ by Loose Women axe

Zoe Tyler: axed from Loose Women

Zoe Tyler admits her Loose Women axing was a “shock”.  The 41-year-old singer and co-anchor Kate Thornton were told by programme bosses their contracts would not be renewed as part of plans to try and boost viewing figures and freshen up the show. And while Zoe was stunned by the move, she accepts changes are necessary.

She said: “It was so sudden, so it’s a bit of a shock.Telly is always changing, but they didn’t see me as part of the future of the show. I have to accept it, it’s out of my hands.

“We were just given the reason that things had to change. With TV you understand things need to change.”

While Zoe is upset by her dismissal, she is planning a “big party” to mark her departure.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Me and Kate have had a great time. For a job you can’t ask for any better. I’m sad to leave. We’ll have a big party.”

Existing panellists including Carol McGiffin, Denise Welch, Andrea McLean, Lynda Bellingham and Lisa Maxwell will now be joined on the show by Carol Vorderman and Sally Lindsay.

A source said: “The next series will be freshened up and is going to contain a few surprises. These are exciting times.”

Carol Vorderman and Sally Lindsay join Loose Women panel. Replace Kate Thornton, Zoe Tyler

Carol Vorderman: One of the new Loose Women panellists

Carol Vorderman and Sally Lindsay are joining the panel of Loose Women.

The former Countdown maths whizz and the ex-Coronation Street star – who portrayed Shelley Unwin in the ITV1 soap from 2001 to 2005 – will replace axed stars Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler in a bid to shake up the daytime chat show.

Joining regulars Denise Welch, Carol McGiffin, Andrea McLean, Lisa Maxwell and Lynda Bellingham, the pair will first appear on Loose Women when the series returns after its summer break.

An insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Carol and Sally are a done deal.

“They were always popular choices, and bosses think they will be a perfect fit for the panel. They both bring a unique personality and sense of humour, which will hopefully sit well with the remaining regulars, but neither of them are afraid to speak their mind.

“Loose Women has always been about lively debate, and these two are certainly not afraid of that.”

ITV bosses had previously considered the likes of Vicar of Dibley star Dawn French and Royle Family writer Caroline Aherne to fill the vacant spots.

Meanwhile, former Men Behaving Badly actress Caroline Quentin was approached for a role on the panel, but had already committed to starring in a play in London’s West End.

Show chiefs are hoping the introduction of Carol and Sally will help boost viewing figures on the ITV1 series.

Shake up at Loose Women – Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler dropped as ratings fall

Kate Thornton – axed from Loose Women

Kate Thornton and Zoe Tyler have been sacked from Loose Women. The presenters have been axed as part of a huge shake up of the ITV daytime programme after viewing figures slumped, while the future of comedienne Sarah Millican – who joined the show earlier this year – is also said to be in doubt.

A source said: “With a show like Loose Women, it’s important to keep refreshing the feel of the programme to keep viewers interested.

“Over the last few months there has been a bit of a downwards trend with ratings, and it’s important to address that issue as quickly as possible – we’re hoping some big new stars could excite viewers.”

Zoe – who has been on the show for four years – and co-anchor Kate will no longer be part of the panel when the show returns in September. And Caroline Aherne, Dawn French, former Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay, Caroline Quentin and Carol Vorderman are said to be in talks to take over.

The source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “We’ve whittled the list down to five potential panellists who are all big names and very popular with viewers.

“They’ve all got different personalities and senses of humour, it’s important to get the dynamic right across the panel.

“Hopefully, a couple of seriously big names can put a stop to the decline, and these would be the perfect candidates for that.”

Lisa Maxwell, Carol McGiffin, Denise Welch Andrea McLean and Lynda Ellingham have all signed new deals to stay on the show.