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X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue in pre-show fight

Monday, October 22nd, 2007


John has already reported on Sharon Osbourne’s promise, sorry threat to quit The X Factor after two of her acts found themselves the most unloved by the voting public. But now news is surfacing that Sharon’s tardiness made another appearance, this time off screen and all for the benefit of fellow judge Dannii Minogue. Reports claim that Sharon burst in on Dannii in her dressing room before filming of Saturday night’s first live show, leaving the Aussie pop princess in floods of tears. But what caused this outburst?

A source claims: “Dannii was crying so badly she had to have her make-up re-done three times. All of Sharon’s frustrations came out. Dannii tried to keep calm but there’s not much you can do when Sharon is at full throttle. She’s been jealous of Dannii getting all the attention and publicity ever since she was brought on to the show.” Another witness adds: “Sharon was in her dressing gown and stormed into Dannii’s dressing room, accusing her of saying things about her. Dannii denied it and the row just escalated. Dannii was in tears.” Show officials are trying to downplay the incident, but it looks like it’s the judges enjoying the X Factor spotlight, rather than the contestants. Again.

[via Digital Spy and The Sun]

The X Factor releases its own fragrance

Thursday, October 4th, 2007


We all know how popular The X Factor is. Simon, Sharon and co.’s bitchy catfights bring in over 8million viewers for ITV on a Saturday night, and it is this viewer loyalty that has encouraged the reality show to launch its own scent. Yes, you too can smell like those lunatic contestants always sweatily waving their arms about in an ‘x’ shape or Simon Cowell in his high-waisted trousers. Apparently “the men’s version smells of lemon, bergamot, lime, apple and pineapple, while the women’s has a floral scent.” So no undertones of Louis Walsh’s morning breath? Shame.

Manufacturers of the perfumes, ScentUps claim it will help its wearers become “part of the excitement and glamour of becoming a pop star”. With vendor The Fragrance Shop adding “Since the talent show phenomenon first launched there has been massive debate about just what constitutes the X factor and more importantly who has it, and now it’s been bottled for everyone.” I fear for the future of civilization when such ‘must-have’ items are launched. If this is the fabled dawn of scratch’n’sniff TV, will we now be able to smell like any of our television favourites? Big Brother, Doctor Who, How Clean is your House? The possibilities for pointless pongs are endless.

[via Digital Spy]

The X-Factor judges: Who would win in a scrap?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007


Sharon Osbourne’s estranged brother David Arden has claimed that the X-Factor judge will quit the show soon, partly due to rivalry between the judges. The 56-year-old is quoted in The Sun as speculating that: “She will hate Dannii. She’s always had a problem with women who are better-looking. But Dannii’s been such a hit. Sharon’s days are numbered.” Arden has also asserted that his sister hates other judge Simon Cowell.

As true professionals its all smiles for the cameras and air-kissing when the world is looking, but with this news of alleged back-stabbing and bitchiness, how are we to know who likes who and who hates who in camp X-Factor? And if the ITV talent contest was to get nasty, as it so often does with all the water throwing, who would come out on top? Let TV Scoop referee the fight as we see which of the judges truly has the X-Factor.