Aardman Animations and Jamie Oliver collaborate on new cartoon Little J

I know that Jamie Oliver is a busy boy. He has his healthy food in schools campaign, his cookery shows, his books, restaurants, and even his Sainsbury’s ad. But does he really need an animated version of himself to help him out with his busy schedule? Apparently he does. The chef is teaming with Aardman Animations to bring us Little J, a cartoon that follows our Jamie in what is called his ‘comically surreal quest to discover the secret to becoming a truly great chef.’

The two-dimensional Jamie will be 10 years old, living in a world with a depressed ham, a mentor called Nonna and a mad scientist called Eggs Benedict who happens to have a chicken on his head – naturally. These madcap hi-jinks are aimed at 11-year-olds and though it hasn’t been picked up by any broadcasters, has those folk at Aardman all excited. Executive producer Mike Bullough enthuses: “We were thrilled when Jamie approached us to collaborate on an animated project. We quickly agreed that we needed to make a show that was first and foremost a comedy, which would hopefully inspire kids to think positively about good food, even brussel sprouts.” Good luck with that one. Kids might not know how to parallel park or unblock a toilet but they do know that brussel sprouts taste like feet.

[via Broadcast Now] [Image via Getty]