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TV Review: Strictly Come Dancing, BBC One, Saturday 4 October, 6.45pm

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

286x161-presenters3.jpgI’d been looking forward to Strictly all week, but mainly, I must admit, for a negative reason: I was desperate to see Gary Rhodes’ jive, which, judging by his training footage, was going to be a disaster. Yes, it was the turn of the “boys” again this week, but first Bruce nicked one of my Strictly Shit Lookalikes


TV Review: Diet on the Dancefloor, Living, Wednesday 16 July, 9pm

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

dotdflogo455x100.jpgThe title’s rather depressing, isn’t it? Depressing in its inevitability, I guess. It was surely only a matter of time before someone thought to combine Strictly Come Dancing with The Biggest Loser, but I kind of wish it had been the Americans since this new UK series seems like it’s been done on the cheap.