Criminal Minds in search to replace Patinkin

After failing to turn up for work, Mandy Patinkin unceremoniously left Criminal Minds. Yes, his character Jason Gideon was grumpy, but dammit he got results and now his team is left minus their inspirational leader. This unexpected exit has left casting agents for the show scratching their heads, (not because they have nits and should douse themselves in icky anti-lice potions) as they look to attract a new star to fill Patinkin’s boots.

The first front-runner was Oscar-winner Geena Davis, who now that Commander in Chief is sadly no more, is currently without a regular acting gig. She passed on the offer, apparently not keen on “the nature of the show.” Michael Keaton is also said to have refused the role, but he and Geena are far from alone. Other big names rumoured to have turned it down include Bob Hoskins (another move to attract Brit talent to American TV roles), 3rd Rock From The Sun’s John Lithgow and supreme alien ass-kicker Sigourney Weaver.

I suspect that some of these are still enjoying too much success on the silver screen to make the transition to TV yet, but with every name in Hollywood in the mix – who would you like to see star in the show? You never know, your wish might come true. After fans expressed their support online for ex-Veronica Mars actress Kristen Bell as one of the new stars of Lost, talk is that she might soon be hanging out with Jack, Sawyer and co. So make your voice heard and tell everyone what you think.

[via TV Guide]

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