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Sky News anchor reads autocue too literally

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

adam boulton.jpgLive TV is notoriously full of pitfalls. I mean, you’re out on a limb, staring down the barrel of a gun whilst trying to keep anyone who has tuned in entertained enough to avoid skipping the channel. A producer yells in your ear, you have to sit ‘just so’, you have to think of a million things at once and, ironically, what comes out of your mouth is probably last on the list. Well, poor old Adam Boulton, Sky News anchor, got his brain and tongue in a twist when reading the autocue for a link to the day’s news stories. Click over to see what I mean…

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Harry Hill to remake Beadle’s About

Thursday, August 9th, 2007


Do you remember Beadle’s About? It involved that cheeky wag Jeremy Beadle playing hilarious pranks on members of the general public and was a complete hoot. The madcap hi-jinks would involve dumping manure on someone’s lawn or pranging their car – y’know, comedy gold that has drink spurting out of your nostrils or your granny having a stroke upon watching it. It was that good.

Well, such a brilliant idea couldn’t be neglected for long as The Sun reports that TV pranking is to be given the kiss of life. Comedian Harry Hill is to administer the mouth-to-mouth with his interpretation of the established candid camera format being produced by the people behind his TV Burp show, Avalon. If your sides are starting to split at the mere thought of planning a prank on one of your mates, an email address has been set up for wannabe Beadles to contact. If this sounds like you, email [email protected] with your contact details and just wait for the laughs to begin. If this doesn’t sound like you – congratulations, you have a brain cell.