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TV Scoop’s formula for a TV show: #1 Jack the anti-hero

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007


Even the best television shows are formulaic. I happily concede that personal favourites of mine such as House have a strict structure that they rarely deviate from, not to mention the endless makeover shows (DIY/ fashion/ beauty, etc.) that clog our airwaves. But is it possible that these unimaginative restrictions are not just limited to individual programmes, but could be applicable to TV in a wider sense? Since arriving at this cognitive conundrum I quietly mused on the matter. And now after much peaceful reflection and many cups of tea, I am convinced that there are many similarities out there in TV land between shows. Call it what you will: a formula, a coincidence, societal trends. There is a recipe for success that many TV writers are cooking up in their kitchens, and we at the Scoop are here to serve up these tasty ingredients.

So please sit down to the table and chow down with me as we feast on the first in our series: Jack the (anti-)hero.