The Apprentice 2010: Staurt Baggs gets fired and the finalists are picked

Stuart Baggs “The brand” finally got his comeuppance yesterday when he was exposed as a lier during the interview stages of the Apprentice.

And not even a field of horses could keep him in the boardroom as he was sensationally fired by Lord Sugar who was livid about the lying and even more angry that he’d believed Stuart’s lies and kept him in instead of Liz. And the interviews also went badly for Jo, who fluffed it when she was asked about Lord Sugar’s businesses. That said, she was “fired” with praise and some good advice.

Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for Jamie who was accused of being an opportunist and became the third member left in the boardroom to be fired. That leaves “wooden” Stella and Chris who will now battle it out on Sunday to become Lord Sugar’s new Apprentice.