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TV Review: Strictly Come Dancing Results Show, Sunday 26 October, 7.15pm

Monday, October 27th, 2008

446x251-mark.jpgOh the waffle. Oh the endless, pointless, waffle. I think the show had been on for about twenty minutes before there was anything new. And that was Christina dancing the mambo with Brian. It must be nice for Christina to dance with someone who can actually move!


TV Review: America’s Next Top Model, Living, Monday 10 March, 9pm

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008


The show began with a recap of last week’s Ebony-gate. Plus Chantal’s confidence doesn’t appear to have been knocked by the judges telling her she’s not good enough practically every week: “I know that where others are lacking, I’ve got it all,” she said. Do you think she’s going to win? No, me neither.

The girls were sent to a dance studio where they had to put on bodystockings, which are not flattering, even on models. Then Tyra turned up and did one of her wacky intros (this time she pretended to be Debbie Allen in Fame) to introduce the fact that she was there to teach them how to be sexy for a TV/movie camera. “I’ve been in music videos,” said Tyra. “I was in George Michael’s Too Funky.” Yeah, about 20 years ago! “And a Lionel Ritchie video.” Lionel Ritchie? Woo! Not quite up to Tyra’s usual standard. Even the Tyra-dazzled girls didn’t seem that impressed.