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The Riches to hit UK in the autumn

Friday, August 3rd, 2007


At TV Scoop, we love it when Brits do well with foreign audiences. It gives us a warm glow (a bit like Ready Brek), though we selfishly, always want the chance to enjoy their impressive performances as well. If one of our own favourites is going to wow them Stateside, we want to get to watch the show at some point ourselves. And so, I’m thrilled to hear that The Riches is coming to the UK.

The Riches stars two Brits, namely beloved stand-up Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, as Wayne and Dahlia Malloy – a couple, who with their children, have assumed the identities of a dead family to enjoy their wealth. Introducing themselves as the Rich family (victims of a car crash), the Malloys conspire to avoid detection as frauds, with their scandalous, money-grabbing exploits a hit in the US (mmm, funny that.) The show has already been picked up for a second season and Minnie’s performance has earned her an Emmy nomination.


Set the video: Weeds, Sky One, Sunday 5 August, 10pm

Friday, August 3rd, 2007


This weekend sees the return of the suburban dramedy (yes, I hate that word too), Weeds on Sky One. It’s been away from our TV screens here in Blighty for 18 months now, and finally fans will get to see what happened to their favourite single mum, Nancy, after sleeping with an agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration. This plot is said to be critical for the rest of the remaining season, so no power naps allowed.

As always, we’re a bit behind the show in the US, with the third season due to air there later this month. Recently Mary Louise Parker was again nominated for an Emmy for her turn as Nancy Botwin, sublimely combining outrageous humour with tender emotion, with Elizabeth Perkins also picked up a nod. News is that the re-worked theme tune take a bit of getting used to, but what’s a naff jingle between friends?

Commercial Break: Anti-smoking message for America

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

With the smoking ban in public places now an accepted reality, we seem to be inundated with adverts to help smokers stop smoking. Many pharmacies are doing deals on their patches, gums, etc. to do their bit to help people and its all very nicey-nicey. This American anti-smoking advert is a bit more in-yer-face and has been nominated for an Emmy (how fantastic is that? A top prize for a TV spot!) Unusually, it communicate a message that many people forget: that smoking doesn’t always kill you, sometimes it just ruins your life instead.