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TV Review: Dexter, FX, Sunday 2 September, 10pm

Monday, September 3rd, 2007


Why oh why is The Sopranos scheduled at the same time as Dexter? Surely the shows enjoy the same audience (both having questionable criminals as the lead characters, violent themes, etc.) and the stations are just splitting these numbers by competing with each other? The Sky magazine even suggests that if you enjoy The Sopranos that you should ‘check out’ Dexter. Oh, I have good people at Sky magazine and the more I see, the more I love it. Michael C. Hall is fantastic in the title role and now that we know the identity of the Ice Truck Killer, things are really getting interesting.

In last night’s episode, Dexter found that he had been left a house in the will of Joe Driscoll, a man claiming to be his biological father. Dexter was dubious at the news as foster father Harry had assured him as an inquisitive youngster that his real father had died long ago. But as he was the named beneficiary, he made plans to go and pack up the dead man’s house and perhaps find out a little bit more about how he had come to inherit it.


TV Review: Dexter, FX, Sunday 19 August, 10pm

Monday, August 20th, 2007


Last night’s episode saw Angel and Debra arrest the suspected ice truck killer – but have they got the right guy we wonder? If you are lucky enough to have seen all of season one, and can smugly nod or shake your head on reading this question – please can I ask that you don’t give the game away and reveal what happens next. For those of us new to the Dexter experience, every instalment is a new toy to be loved with and cherished and last night’s episode was no different.

Having pieced together some initially rather incidental information, Angel and Debra found someone who could be the ice truck killer, Neil Perry. He had the right car. He had photographs of the corpses, oh and they caught him mid-murder. Finding a young woman bound and gagged to a motel bed, the duo busted their guy and dragged him back to the station. The evidence was mounting in their favour, but Dexter steadfastly refused to believe that this was the man. After all, he had idolized the ice truck killer only to find him a fan of weird taxidermy – not exactly what he had hoped for in a mentor. But could the Miami police get that all-important confession out of him?