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Set the video: The Armstrong and Miller Show, BBC1, Friday 26 October, 9.30pm

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Here at the Scoop, we’ve already brought you some tasty teaser info on the new series of Armstrong and Miller which starts this Friday. Now, with the comedy duo having left Channel 4 for the Beeb and after a long spell doing solo work, fans will be hoping that the spark is still there. They might only be concentrating on new comic creations, but for those of us who still have a soft spot for the old ones, here’s a look at Jack Force and his good chum, the “imaginary man in a train driver’s hat called Mr. Chuffy.”

Alexander Armstrong presents Have I Got News For You tonight for a record tenth time

Friday, October 19th, 2007


Alexander Armstrong will be reunited with comedy partner Ben Miller in a new series of Armstrong and Miller next week, but before then he’s to host another edition of Have I Got News For You. Tonight’s appearance as guest presenter on the panel show will be Armstrong’s tenth, a record for the long-running comedy favourite. But just because he’s done it before, doesn’t mean he’s grown complacent: “It doesn’t get any easier” admits Armstrong.

“It depends what mood team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are in. Paul can be rather waspish and give you a rough ride. In one show I hosted Paul and comic Ross Noble were determined not to win a single point and they made it very hard work for me. Maybe they’ll be nice to me this time and I think I deserve an award for creating the record.” Award or not, Armstrong has definitely proven himself as the viewer’s favourite guest host since the departure of Angus Deayton. Seems almost a shame that he doesn’t do it every week.

[via The Sun]

Coming Soon: The Armstrong and Miller Show, BBC1, Friday 26 October, 9.30pm

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007


It has been six years since Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller last graced Channel 4 with their comedy sketch show imaginatively entitled The Armstrong and Miller Show (how old that makes me feel), but now the funny duo are back and on the Beeb to boot. In their break from each other, Miller has done some sitcom gigs while voicing the Monkey in the famous PG Tips adverts, while Armstrong has become a seriously good presenter (his Have I Got News For You guest stint is considered one of the best ever.) Now they’re back and they’ve been talking about why they’ve reunited, what we can expect from the new series and how the years have taken their toll.

“You have to tread a fine line with the comedy,” said Alexander. “You don’t want to be that terrible middle-aged person harping back to being 20. But you still want to get that new perspective. The older you are, the fact you’re doing comedy is funny. It’s more undignified. You’ve got further to fall.” Ben agrees: “Yes, it’s much more undignified for men our age to be lumping around in silly outfits and wigs. I just think it’s funny.”