X-Factor makes record return – despite Simon Cowell’s absence

It’s back and just as successful as ever it seems, even without its maestro. The X-Factor made a triumphant return to ITV1 with 12.6 million viewers tuning in on Saturday night (20.08.11). With new judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland joining Louis Walsh on the panel, the talent show smashed all previous records for the highestever ratings for an opening episode.

TV bosses are now confident the series won’t be damaged by the departure of former judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue, and have hailed the new panel as a “resounding success”. An ITV executive told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “We were worried how people would take to the new panel but it’s been nothing but a resounding success.

“They are fantastic figures. Simon’s absence hasn’t hurt us.”

However, The X Factor has already seen its first controversy of the series, with pizza waitress Roxy Yarnold reportedly having “strong links” to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco and having already supported Westlife, Shayne Ward and G4 on tour.

An insider explained: “She’s portrayed as a struggling pizza waitress but in actual fact she’s been singing alongside the crop of Syco talent since an early age. She’s supported not one, but three Syco acts.”

However, show bosses insist the aspiring star has been out of the limelight since she was 14.

An X Factor spokesperson said: “Throughout the history of X Factor, there has been auditionees who have been involved with the music industry before. 19-year-old Roxy was touring at the age of 14 but has been out of the industry since then.

“She was eligible to enter as she has no record or management deal in place.”

Lucien Laviscount sets out for Celebrity Big Brother romance with Amy Childs

Lucien Laviscount looking for CBB romance?

Lucien Laviscount has got his sights set on romance in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The Waterloo Road actor has been trying his luck with four different female stars in the infamous house over the course of the weekend, and has already admitted to The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs that he has the hots for her.  He flirted: “I have said that I fancy you and think you’re hot.”

However, redhead bombshell Amy isn’t the only woman Lucien has his eye on, as he thinks American Pie beauty Tara Reid is also “amazing”, with Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star Paddy Doherty claiming the newly-married blonde was “all over him”.

Lucien said: “Tara’s amazing. And I mean amazing, amazing.”  To which Paddy replied: “Last night she was on heat. She may have only got married a few days ago but she is all over you like bees to honey.”

Lucien didn’t stop there and also offered to warm up 47-year-old Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff’s bed and told Kerry Katona she is “hot totty”.

He told a blushing Kerry: “There’s some hot totty in here. The birds are hot in here. You’re hot!”

Coronation Street’s lesbian love triangle – Contains Spoilers!

So, all dedicated Corrie watchers now know that Sacha Parkinson (Sian Powers) will be leaving Weatherfield in the New Year. Well now it seems we know why – her girlfriend Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) will fall in love/ lust/ plot convenience with Dev’s wayward daughter Amber (Nikki Patel).

It seems that Amber decides that she fancies Sophie and on a night out spikes her drink. When Sophie is chatted up at the bar by a young fella Amber tells him to stay away from her girlfriend and plants a smacker on Sophie. Sophie is upset but after a taxi ride back home the pair start snogging again.

A guilt-ridden Sophie then proposes to Sian and suggests a Christmas civil ceremony. With a ratings-boosting Xmas wedding then set up Sophie will apparently have second thoughts and decide she wants Amber instead. Adios Sian.

Sounds like fun but it’s a real shame Sacha Parkinson is leaving the soap, we hope it’s not a decision she comes to regret.

CBB 2011: Kerry Katona’s agonising decision. Sally Bercow favourite for eviction

Kerry Katona found it “awful” nominating Celebrity Big Brother housemates Bobby Sabel and Sally Bercow for eviction.

The reality TV star agonised over who she would choose to face exiting the show on Friday (26.08.11), but finally settled on male model Bobby and Sally, who is the wife of the speaker of the House of Commons.

Kerry will also be up for eviction herself after failing a task to convince the other contestants she was the biggest diva in the reality TV house.

When told by Big Brother she would have to pick two housemates to face elimination, Kerry said: “This is so unfair! Oh god. Oh my god. This is awful. This is really horrible. Okay, okay. I can’t do this! I’m going to nominate – Bobby. Because I don’t really know. I’ve tried talking to him, but I don’t really know him and he won’t open up to me. I just can’t talk to him properly yet.

“This is awful, Can I not nominate myself again? I like them all. F**k a duck, I don’t know! I want to go home! I want me mum.”

Kerry had tried to appear the most demanding person in the house by shouting and complaining about not being given any cigarettes, but despite a convincing performance the other housemates picked twins John and Edward Grimes – known as Jedward – as the biggest divas.

Earlier in the day the female housemates had been discussing the men of the house, with Kerry and The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs agreeing Coronation Street actor Lucien Lasviscount has a “good body”, although at 19, Amy feels he is too young for her. Twice married Kerry insisted she didn’t have her eye on anyone and she is “done with men”.

Big Brother viewers will vote to save the housemates they like best, rather than voting off the ones they don’t like on Friday.

Amy Childs reckons boobs will help her win CBB. Gets out her vajazzle kit!

Will Amy Childs’ boobs help her win Celebrity Big Brother?

Amy Childs thinks her boobs will help her to win Celebrity Big Brother.

The former Only Way Is Essex star – who is famed for her surgically-enhanced breasts – entered the house last night (18.08.11), and she thinks she has a good chance of being crowned champion because she’s willing to flaunt her curves.

She said: “I’m happy to show off my body. I’m bringing 15 bikinis in the house with me. I am confident with my body, so if it’s sunny outside then I will definitely be wearing a bikini. I’ll be naked, too – but only in the shower. You won’t see that I hope!”

Amy – who quit ‘TOWIE’ so she could take part in the fly-on-the-wall show – is also hoping her boobs will grow when she’s in the house because most contestants put on weight.

She added to the Daily Star newspaper: “I’ll be comparing boobs with the other girls, though mine have shrunk recently as I’ve lost weight. I love my curves so I definitely don’t want to be skinny. I’ve been training and working out but I want to keep my shape and be healthy.”

UPDATE: Amy Childs hasn’t even been in the Celebrity Big Brother house 24 hours and she’s already whipping out her Vajazzle kit! She has even turned her attention to Sally Bercow by offering to give her a vajazzle, but Sally, who is married to the House Of Commons speaker, quickly turned down the offer saying that there would be “no way” that she would get jewelled up downstairs.

See below for Amy Childs gallery:

David Essex quits EastEnders to focus on music

David Essex is quitting his role in EastEnders to re-launch a music career.

The 70s heartthrob, who plays Eddie Moon in the BBC One soap, will be bowing out of Albert Square in mid-October in the hope of reviving his once successful pop career and releasing an acoustic album in time for Christmas.

He said: “It’s been wonderful – really, really challenging, intimidating and it does take over your life, but I’ve been blessed because I’ve worked with wonderful actors.

“That was my circle that I worked with, and the level of performance from those actors and the pressure we’re at, it’s just incredible. There’s this kind of galvanised quality of a family under pressure! I really enjoy it.”

Speaking about his new album, he added to ITV1′s ‘This Morning’: “It’s got a lot of my previous hits and some new songs. I’m very pleased how it’s going.”

However, David’s EastEnders alter-ego doesn’t look set to be leaving Walford quietly, as he admitted he has been working on a series of “powerful” exit plots, but producers are leaving the “door ajar” for a potential return in the future.

He explained: “Eddie’s story lines from now until October are phenomenal. They’re so powerful.

“They’re leaving the door ajar for me. It’s tricky. I’d like to go back, but it’s time, really. And I do feel blessed that I seem to be able to work in so many different mediums.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2011. Pictures. Including Kerry Katona, Amy Childs

GOD BLESS CHANNEL 5. Just when you thought that TV would never, ever get good again, they went and bought Big Brother off Channel 4. Now we can watch celebrities showering together again.

It’s an interesting mix of stars for Celebrity Big Brother ’11 (though of course we use the word ‘star’ extremely loosely). The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs went into the house looking very dolled up in a sparkling corset dress with killer heels, as did everyone’s favourite messed-up actress Tara Reid, who wobbled into the BB house in a very skimpy black silk and lace dress.

Also leaving little to the imagination was the ex Baywatch star Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff, who struggled to pull her body-con black and gold dress over her bum as she climbed the stairs to the front door of the BB house. We were pleasantly surprised, however, by politician’s wife Sally Bercow, who looked quite classy and elegant in a royal blue off-the-shoulder number.

We were happy to see our Kerry Katona looking healthy and happy in a dramatic black silk dress with a long train – and we loved her quiff hairdo, which is really on-trend right now. Good luck with your first task, Kezza!

When it came to the men, some of them came good and some of them let us down. The male model Bobby Sabel looked like a French film star in a slouchy navy overcoat and fawn-coloured chinos, while the Corrie actor Lucien Laviscount looked very smart in a salmon-coloured tailored jacket with a crisp shirt and slacks.

The Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty, who’s our favourite by far (I like the way he says “womaaaaan”) scrubbed up in a pale blazer with an open shirt and his best jeans. He looked a little bit like the Hoff, actually.

Jedward looked absolutely ridiculous, as usual, in tiger-striped tuxedos (why? Why?). And as for Darryn Lyons, or “Mr Paparazzi” as he likes to be known… well, words fail me. I know that he’d probably made his gold “CELEBRITY IS MONEY” jacket specially for his BB entrance, but I really wish he hadn’t.

By Emily Borrett

Via Shiny Style.tv

Vernon Kay wants to be in Coronation Street – another of Ken Barlow’s undiscovered sons?

Lanky, Bolton-born TV presenter Vernon Kay says he’d like to turn his back on being a game show host and become a regular in Corrie. The Family Fortunes host told The Sun: ‘I’d love to be a shop assistant in Dev’s shop or a barman, or the cleaner in the pub.’

It appears he’s done more than just dream as he also says that he’s made initial enquires: ‘I did speak to a guy on Coronation Street a couple of years ago and he had this character lined up. Nothing came out of that, but I would be up for doing it now. Corrie has a real subtle undertone of comedy and that is what I have been brought up around.’

But what character would Vernon suit? Another of Ken Barlow’s undiscovered sons? Rita’s toyboy? Perhaps Steve McDonald could discover he’s not just one of twins but one of triplets? Let us know what part Vernon should play if he joins Corrie.

Double shock for Celebrity Big Brother housemates. Jedward have ‘no haircut’ contract clause.

Celebrity Big Brother housemates face a double shock when they enter the house tonight (18.08.11). The reality TV show re-launches on Channel 5 at 9pm, and when the stars walk into their new home they will be greeted with a nasty twist.

Host Brian Dowling said: “It’s something that will affect their time in the house. I can’t reveal the surprise. Wait and see.”

The shocking twist will be revealed at the end of tonight’s live show and Big Brother will spring another stunt upon the participants to shake things up tomorrow (19.08.11), with rumours claiming someone may be evicted after just 24 hours or a new housemate may enter.

Producer Gavin Henderson said: “Traditionally Friday nights are big live shows for Big Brother. That could mean someone will either be leaving or arriving in a big way.”

Meanwhile, confirmed housemates Jedward have had a special clause written into their contract which states they cannot take part in any task that forces them to cut their trademark big hair.

A source said: “Jedward cannot afford to lose their hair. It’s helped to make them famous.”

Who are the twelve contestants in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother? We make our predictions.