Dancing On Ice 2013: Meet the celeb skaters

It’s back! Dancing On Ice, the celebrity ‘reality’ show that demands the most work of the contestants while offering the least reward. Seriously, which of the former winners have gone on to do particularly well? We reckon you’d even struggle to remember who actually won in previous years. Go on, try and remember Sam Attwater or Hayley Tamaddon. Or Gaynor Faye. Yet these poor people have to spend weeks learning not only how to skate but how to dance while skating. No easy task.

Anyhow, here are the runners and riders for the new series, which kicks of on ITV on Sunday the 6th of January.

Anthea Turner

Anthea hasn’t been on our TV screens much since the ill-advised incident at her marriage to Grant Bovey when they ate Cadbury’s chocolate bars for money. A cheap stunt that backfired quite severely and which Anthea probably doesn’t want anyone to mention any more. Oops.

Beth Tweddle

Beth is an multi-medal winning artistic gymnast, which must surely make her a favourite to win the show. All she has to do is learn to skate and she should walk it. Bit of a ringer, truth be told.

Gareth Thomas

2013 should be quite a year for Gareth as he is due to be the subject of a Hollywood biopic. Mickey Rourke was due to be playing Gareth but has recently dropped out, presumably because the film would have to end with Gareth’s appearance on Dancing On Ice and Rourke would look insane in lycra.

Joe Pasquale

Come on Pasquale, you’ve already been King of the Jungle. Let someone else have a go!

Keith Chegwin

Here’s hoping Cheggers doesn’t decide to make this series of Dancing On Ice the second time he’s appeared on TV nude.

Lauren Goodger

The latest of the woeful crop of ‘scripted reality’ show ‘stars’ to make the move to ‘proper’ ‘reality’ shows, Lauren will be rubbish at skating. You watch, rubbish.

Luke Campbell

Hull’s Olympic boxing hero, Luke has wasted no time in making a bid for TV stardom. You’d think he’d be to busy building a boxing career to take part but apparently not.

Matt Lapinskas

This year’s token Ex-Eastender. We’re seriously struggling to remember who he played. Was it Dirty Den?

Oona King

So Oona used to be an MP but lost her seat to George Galloway, then Galloway went on Celebrity Big Brother and made a complete fool of himself, now he’s an MP again. Will Oona be attempting to do the same thing by making a complete fool of herself on Dancing On Ice and then running for parliament again? We hope so.

Pamela Anderson

A few years ago, getting Pamela Anderson on Dancing On Ice would have been a genuine coup. Now it just weems weird. One for the dads, though.

Samia Ghadie

This year’s token Corrie star. ITV know how to get the most value from their salaried artistes, don’t they.

Shayne Ward

Go on, think real hard, you remember the name don’t you, yes, no, do you want a clue? OK, he won X Factor. No? Still don’t remember? Neither do we.

Andy Akinwolere first off Dancing On Ice

Andy Akinwolere voted off Dancing on Ice

Andy Akinwolere was the first person to leave Dancing on Ice last night (08.01.12).  The former Blue Peter presenter was “gutted” after he and professional partner Maria Filipov were voted off the show after competing in a skate-off against Sugababes singer Heidi Range and her partner Lipanov.

He said afterwards: “I’m gutted. We put so much into that but it wasn’t our day, so it’s cool.”

Andy’s appearance in the skate-off came as a shock as he had scored a respectable 14.5 from the judges earlier in the evening, 2.5 points more than Heidi and a staggering 6.5 higher than bottom-placed celebrity Mark Rhodes and his partner Frankie.

New judge Katarina Witt had opted to save Andy following the skate-off, which saw the two couples repeat their routines from earlier in the evening.

After Louie Spence saved Heidi, Katarina made her choice and explained: “Your second performance was more steady and better, but Andy as a celebrity and a non-skater it’s more difficult to cover a fast number, to keep the rhythm… I still feel you are the better skater.”

However, with the deciding vote, head coach Robin Cousins opted to save Heidi because of her “cleaner” performance, rather than the “great energy” exhibited by Andy.

Earlier in the night the series opened with the first set of contestants taking to the ice to impress the judges, including ‘Coronation Street’ actor Andy Whyment, ‘Dallas’ actress Charlene Tilton, professional skier Chemmy Alcott, ‘Hollyoaks’ star Jorgie Porter and TV presenter Mark Rhodes.

Jorgie and professional partner Matt Evers gained the highest score of the night, earning 18.5 from the judges.

The rest of the competitors – Chico Slimani, Corey Feldman, Laila Morse, Rosemary Conley, Sam Nixon, Jennifer Ellison and Sebastien Foucan – will perform for the first time on next week’s show.

It’s Chico time again as Chesney Hawkes pulls out of Dancing On Ice

Chesney Hawkes has pulled out of Dancing On Ice after injuring himself during training.  The One and Only singer had been due to take part in the ITV1 celebrity skating competition – which launches this Sunday (08.01.12) – but has now left the competition to be replaced by former X Factor contestant Chico.

Chesney said: “I am gutted not to be taking part in Dancing on Ice. I was having a brilliant time and couldn’t wait to finally be skating live on national TV!

“It wasn’t even a spectacular fall, it was a slight stumble as I practised with my skating partner. I think my children are the most disappointed they were so excited at the prospect of watching me skate.

“I’m determined to be back on the ice, I might not be able to appear in this series but hoping I will be able to appear in the show next year!”

Chico added: “Whilst I’m really excited about being part of the new series of Dancing on Ice it’s not necessarily in the best of circumstances.

“I wish Chesney all the best and a speedy recovery. I will not just be skating for myself I will be skating for Chesney as well and do him proud.”

Presenter Philip Schofield took to his twitter account to comment on the news, writing: “Just heard that poor Chesney Hawkes is too injured to continue on DOI, he’s so upset. That’s two celebs we’ve broken and we’re not on air!!

“Dangerous stuff this ice, you don’t get this with a foxtrot! His replacement? Well your clue.. What time is it? ;)

This is not the first injury to rock the ice skating show.  Heidi Range’s professional partner Sylvain Longchambon has already been ruled out of this year’s series after tearing a tendon in his right bicep.

The Sugababes star had been due to skate with the French hunk throughout the competition but she will now be partnered by Andrei Lipanov.

Dancing on Ice 2011: Chloe Madeley is reportedly dating Sam Attwater.

No drinking for Chloe Madeley, pictured above

Chloe Madeley is reportedly dating Sam Attwater.

The 23-year-old presenter has called time on her five-month romance with Glenn Crickmar and she and her fellow ‘Dancing On Ice’ finalist are now regarded as “an item” by those working on the show’s live tour.

A source said: “They clicked straight away and became good friends – but one thing has led to another and they are now regarded as an item by the cast and crew on ‘Dancing On Ice’.”

Chloe and 24-year-old Sam – who was romancing his professional partner Brianne Delcourt earlier this year – are said to be openly affectionate with one another and stunned onlookers in Sheffield, where they are currently rehearsing for the tour, with their intimate behaviour.

Speaking about a trip to the Lyceum Theatre to see ‘Avenue Q’ on Wednesday (30.03.11), the insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “At this point they didn’t really care who on the show saw them as they walked along the street arm-in-arm. We were quite shocked they were being so open about it but no one was surprised to find out they’d finally got it together.”

The following day, the couple visited a nearby bar with fellow competitors including Laura Hamilton and Denise Welch, yet Sam and Chloe left without the rest of their group.

A source said: “Sam waved goodbye to everyone and led Chloe out of the bar and back to the hotel. They then walked off down the street arm-in-arm, with Chloe resting her head on his chest. It was really sweet.”

After winning the contest last week, Sam later took to his twitter page to show off a picture of a balloon given to him by Chloe.

A message written on the gift said: “Dear Sam. ¬CONGRATULATIONS. Hope you are proud of yourself after you ruined my lips. Love Chloe x Chlam Forever.”

A spokesperson for Chloe confirmed she and Glenn have ended their relationship.

Sam Attwater becomes Dancing on Ice champion with famous Torvill and Dean routine

Former EastEnders star Sam Attwater: winner of this year’s Dancing on Ice

Fomer EastEnders’ actor Sam Attwater, who skated through the pain after spraining his ribs in training last week, was crowned Dancing On Ice champion last night (27/3/11), seeing off competition from Chloe Madeley before beating Laura Hamilton in the final skate-off with his own version of Torvill and Dean’s famous Bolero routine.

After winning, he revealed he planned to celebrate by getting drunk: “My mind and body are destroyed but I had the time of my life. Now I’m going to celebrate by drinking myself into oblivion. I might even cry.”

Sam also praised his professional skating partner Brianne Delcourt, with whom he enjoyed a brief romance earlier in the season, calling her a “friend for life”. He said: “I came into this competition to challenge myself and I’ve certainly done that.

“I wouldn’t be here without Brianne. I’ve made a friend for life in her.”

Although children’s TV presenter Laura and her partner Colin Ratushniak scored the series’ only set of straight 10s from the judges for their dance to the Pointer Sisters’ I’m So Excited, the pair were gracious in defeat. Laura said: “I’ve lived breathed and ate ice skating for the past six, seven months. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. It’s been an amazing experience and I feel like the luckiest person alive. I’m going to continue skating 100 per cent.”

Judge Jason Gardiner was so impressed with the pair’s performance he removed his hat for the first time all season to show off the results of his recent hair transplant, saying “I take my hat off to you,” while host Phillip Schofield quipped: “So that’s what £20,000 looks like!”

Jason later took to twitter to reveal he plans to undergo the procedure again after hailing his doctor a “genius”.

He posted: “I will have a second one in order to get back all the hair I lost. The medical technology these days is just remarkable!

“It is quite miraculous what they can do these days. Dr Ziering is a genius!”

Chloe Madeley loses out in Dancing on Ice, lands This Morning gig

Chloe Madeley has landed a gig on This Morning despite finishing third in the Dancing on Ice final

It’s not all bad news for Chloe Madeley this morning. OK she may have lost out in The Dancing on Ice Final to former EastEnders star Sam Attwater and presenter Laura Hamilton (see here), finishing in third place.

But the blonde star looks set to follow in the footstep of Mum and Dad, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, by landing a gig on daytime TV show, This Morning.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Everyone is impressed by her natural easy manner and likeability. Her parents might be two big names but Chloe is incredibly humble, which has endeared her to a lot of important people at ITV.”

Richard and Judy – who fronted This Morning’from 1988 to 2001 – are behind Chloe’s plans, with the source saying: “They are incredibly supportive of Chloe’s career and would be proud to see her on their old show. They could become the first TV presenting dynasty.”

Chloe, 23, first appeared on TV screens as a showbiz reporter on Richard & Judy’s New Position and she has also presented Big Brother’s Big Mouth and Live From Studio Five.

This Morning is currently presented by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby – who Chloe got to known through Dancing On Ice – and with Holly set to go on maternity leave soon, it is not yet known who will replace her.

Dancing On Ice Final: Alcohol ban, Chloe Madeley is ‘underdog’

No drinking for Chloe Madeley, pictured above

Dancing On Ice’ finalists Chloe Madeley, Sam Attwater and Laura Hamilton have all been banned from drinking alcohol. Producers are keeping a close eye on the three stars to make sure they don’t drink in the run-up to Sunday’s final, as hangovers could cause them to injure themselves while practising on the ice rink.

Chloe said: “On a Sunday there is alcohol everywhere, all over the place, and they keep a really watchful eye on us. “If anyone even goes near a glass of wine or a bottle of beer it gets grabbed and yanked away.”

However, Chloe, the daughter of TV presenting legends Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, confesses she is not sure if she is good enough to win the ITV1 competition, after having been beaten on the leaderboard by both Sam and Laura last week.

She added to The Sun newspaper: “Sam and Laura kicked my butt last week so I don’t mind if I don’t make it to the final two.

“It’s amazing enough to be in it, I’m not hoping for anything more.”

Dancing on Ice:Chloe Madeley terrified of solo routine

Chloe Madeley is terrified about performing a solo routine on ‘Dancing On Ice’.

The 23-year-old TV personality – daughter of legendary presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan – was upset when ITV1 producers revealed contestants will have to choreograph and perform a routine without their professional partners this Sunday (20.03.11), as she doesn’t think she can cope without professional skater Michael Zenezini.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Chloe finds it hard to control her nerves at the best of times but the one person who can calm her down is Michael.

“But on Sunday he won’t be by her side to keep her strong. Chloe is terrified she won’t live up to her usual standard without him.”

Under-pressure Chloe – who has topped the leaderboard for the past two weeks – has previously revealed she has been so “overwhelmed” by the anxiety of performing live on ‘Dancing On Ice’ that she has enlisted a specialist to help her cope with her panic attacks.

She said: “Doing a show like ‘Dancing On Ice’ can get quite overwhelming. Recently, I started having a panic attack in the middle of my routine live on air. As soon as it ended, I ran off crying. I thought to myself, ‘That cannot happen again.’

“So I’ve started to see someone who is basically helping me to not have a panic attack again and it’s really working.”

Dancing on Ice 2011: Jeff Brazier relishes in teamwork

Jeff Brazier admits ‘Dancing on Ice’ has made him realise he feels more confident as part of a team.

The 31-year-old TV presenter, who is down to the final five on the ITV1 show, says last week’s task of skating as part of a group with Denise Welch and Laura Hamilton made him discover more about his personality.

He said: “I learnt something interesting about myself the other night; I’m so much louder and more outgoing when I’m in a group or to be more specific, a team.

“It must have something to do with strength in numbers and not being someone who naturally brings attention on himself: to be one of six instead of one of two brought me out in myself a little more on the ice.”

Jeff – who has two children Bobby, seven and Freddie, six, with late reality TV star Jade Goody – added that the experience showed how much he enjoys working with other people, and he hopes to use that positivity during his next routine with professional skating partner Isabelle Gauthier.

Writing on his MSN Blog, he added: “You may not have noticed but I pretty much screamed my way around the ice and when we won the challenge, the elation I felt as a team member was so much more than as a pair!

“I can’t skate in a group every week so I plan to take that feeling into my next routine with Isabelle and give it so much more now I know there’s so much more to give!”

Chloe Madeley doesn’t wear underwear on ‘Dancing On Ice’.

Chloe Madeley doesn’t wear underwear on ‘Dancing On Ice’.

The 23-year-old TV personality – daughter of presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan – has revealed she finds pants “uncomfortable” while dancing with partner Michael Zenezini, and prefers to go ‘commando’ on the ice.

She told ‘BBC Breakfast’: “I don’t wear pants. It’s really uncomfortable!”

The revelations come after fellow contestant Sam Attwater revealed he has a “lucky” pair of pants he wears while he is performing his skating routines.

He said: “I can’t bring my lucky pants in by myself. I have to get my parents to bring them because that’s what happened in the first week.

“So I have to keep that same routine every week so they have to bring them in for me.”

Blonde Chloe has previously confessed she was nervous about what her television presenter parents would think of the raunchy outfits she has to wear on the show.

She said: “The first day we went to wardrobe I saw hundreds of bright colours and sequins and I screamed like a child! I was jumping up and down and the designer said that no-one’s ever had that reaction before. I said, ‘Are you serious? This is the best thing ever!’”

“My favourite is the black catsuit I wore for my ‘Rock n’ Roll’ routine. I loved it, but I thought, ‘What are my parents going to say?’ I was sure mum would hate it but they both thought it was brilliant. The Madeley clan are fans of the catsuit!”