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Don’t buy the Radio Times! Here’s our guide to the pick of Xmas TV

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

In these cash strapped times there really is no need to hand over your hard-earned dosh for a copy of Radio Times (other listings magazines are available), because we’ve bought a copy and have worked out which are the best shows over the holidays. It’s our Xmas gift to you.

QI: Jingle Bells

Stephen ‘National Treasure’ Fry hosts a Christmassy edition of the show with guests Sarah Millican, Danny Baker, Phill Jupitus and regular sidekick Alan Davies. Go on, admit it, the show has now been on TV for so long that most of the things you know you learned from QI.

Friday 21st December BBC2 10PM

The Snowman And The Snowdog

Altogether now: ‘We’re walking in the aaaaair. With a dog’. The long-anticipated sequel to The Snowman features a snowman and his dog. Or something. We’ve not properly looked into it because we don’t want the surprise spoilt. It’ll be ace whatever happens.
Monday 24th December Channel 4 8PM

Friday Night Dinner

Christmas with the Goodmans – a truly nerve-tingling proposition. Robert Popper’s magnificent sitcom gets its first festive special, if you’ve not got into FND yet this is the perfect opportunity.

Monday 24th December Channel 4 10.30PM

Doctor Who

You’d have thought it impossible for Doc Who’s producers to replace Karen Gillan but they seem to have done a fantastic job with Louise Coleman. Here she makes her debut proper in a storyline that sees her and the doctor take on some funny/ fearsome-looking snowmen.
Tuesday 25th December BBC1 5.15PM

Call The Midwife

Miranda Hart, Jessica Raine, Jenny Agutter et al are back for some Xmas midwifery antics. TV’s most visceral period drama follows the midwives of 50’s East London as they deliver a load of post war sprogs called Carol and Noel. Probably.
Tuesday 25th December 25 BBC1 7.30PM

Downton Abbey

Xmas. Downton. Downton. Xmas. Was there ever a time when these two words were not synonymous? One day they will stop making Downton Abbey. Now there’s a thought to chill the soul.

Tuesday 25th December ITV1 8.45PM

The Royle Family

Let’s be honest, the Royle Family Xmas special has always been a bit hit and miss. But we’ll all still be sat in front of it in the hope that it’s a vintage year. After all, it’s the Royle Family, innit?

Tuesday 25th December 25 BBC1 9.45PM


Oh look, it’s Miranda Hart again. This time not in period costume and not delivering babies but talking to camera and falling over a lot. At Christmas.

Wednesday 26th December BBC1 9PM

TV Review: The Doctor Who Prom, BBC One, New Year’s Day, 1.50pm

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

doctor_rose3.jpgMurray Gold’s music for Doctor Who often gets a bit of a critical bashing, whether for being too intrusive, too overly-dramatic or too derivative. This summer, though, the BBC and it’s Philharmonic Orchestra threw its weight behind him by dedicating a whole Proms performance to his work – and judging by the cut-down version broadcast this afternoon, they had every right.


Happy New Year from all at TV Scoop

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008


What an incredible year it’s been. Quite aside from the politics, the credit crunch and my unhealthy obsession with Cherry Diet Coke, there has been some top TV. Great dramas, quality documentaries (as well as not so quality docs), some decent comedy and lots else in between. We here at TV Scoop have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our views on it all and, gratifyingly, we’ve had our best year yet, with more and more people reading and interacting with us. We’ve interviewed so many of the top people you see on the television (from Hugh Dennis and Andrea Riseborough to Harry from Spooks, My Name Is Earl’s Nadine Velasquez and Jack Dee), which has been brilliant fun. We hope you’ve enjoyed your TV watching year and our output, and all at TV Scoop wish you and your families and happy and healthy 2009. And, of course, some top TV! The site is nothing without you and your input, so a big thanks to those of you who have stopped by. Let’s do it all again!

TV Scoop’s Best TV Moments of 2008: Britain’s Missing Top Model, BBC Three

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008


Here’s a clip from the most dramatic eviction from one of the better TV talent shows of the year – Britain’s Missing Top Model. In it, you’ll see Jenny (who had just made someone cry, and was featured in the episode flirting ill-advisedly with one of the judges) getting booted off. Wayne wasn’t pleased, neither was Mark. The fact they weren’t pleased with each other is the key here. There’s the clip after the jump.

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TV Scoop’s Best TV Moments of 2008: Dexter, FX

Monday, December 29th, 2008


Dexter has been marvellous this year (we voted it as number three in our end-of-year Top 50), and some bright spark has put the entire finale episode of series two online (albeit a shortened version). It was a great episode – the fate of Lila was decided, as was the future course of Dexter, everyone’s favourite serial killer. So sit back, have a look over the jump and fill your boots.

For all our Dexter news and reviews, go here. For our Top 50 run down go here.


TV Review: Doctor Who – The Next Doctor, BBC One, Christmas Day, 6pm

Friday, December 26th, 2008

nextdoctor.jpgWithin just four years, the Doctor Who Christmas Special has become embedded in the public consciousness as the thing to sit down and watch together after the turkey and Christmas pudding. It’s as important to the Christmas schedules now as Eric and Ernie were in years past, and that means that it comes with a lot of perhaps unrealistic expectations. So would this year’s festive outing live up to the hype?

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TV Scoop’s Best TV Moments of 2008: Gavin And Stacey, BBC One

Friday, December 26th, 2008


As Our Keris said in her surmising of Gavin And Stacey – coming in at number five in our Top 50 – the show is a masterpiece of ensemble comedy. This clip, over the jump, shows you why. It’s breakfast time at the Shipmans, and sausage is on the menu. Upstairs, sausage is also on the menu. Laugh out loud here at Alison Steadman. She’s great, it’s great!

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Merry Christmas to all TV Scoop readers!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Here’s our Christmas message to you, our readers. From all the team at TV Scoop and Shiny Media, we wish you all a very merry Christmas. We hope your festive period is filled with good times, wonderful family and friends, and enormous amounts of amazing, festive TV. Our team will be out and about over Christmas but we’ll still be bringing you some reviews, some news and a little bit of left-over action. Have a great time! Here’s a man playing a Christmas carol on a bit of broccoli.

What To Watch This Christmas

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

whattowatchthischristmas.jpgChristmas! It’s here! It even says it in the day! Christmas eve! Anyway you look at it, good times are upon us because it’s a day off we wouldn’t normally have, or, if you’re not a Christian, you have the chance to exploit the double-time wages at work! Anyway, Christmas is all about one thing… and that thing I learned from watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas… Christmas is all about watching telly…

Tonight: Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special, BBC One, 10pm

James Corden and Ruth Jones have come up with an extraordinary sitcom that somehow appeals to just about anyone with a beating heart and a laugh-gland. Tonight, we get an hour-long special that sees Smithy wrapping presents in tin-foil, Nessa grooming regime and everyone getting together in Billericay for Christmas Day. Hell will break loose, we’ll all have a laugh and no doubt Rob Brydon will steal the whole show as usual.

Read over for the best of the Christmas telly


Top Ten festive films revealed

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008


I do like a bit of festive film action, but how do you judge what a Christmas films is? Has there been any films truly about Christmas or has Christmas acted as a backdrop for the main story? Who knows, but Disney Cinematic HD, to celebrate its channel launch, has undertaken a poll to find out what the country’s favourite festive family film is. And the least favourite festive family film, and also the nation’s favourite Santa. I’m not really one to give oxygen to these sort of polls, but it’s Christmas and I’m in the mood. To find out the results of the polls, have a look after the jump.


TV Scoop’s Last Minute Telly-Related Gift Ideas! (Snappy…)

Friday, December 19th, 2008

wrappedgift.jpgOk, so there’s less than a week until The Big Day, but hey, that’s still a good four shopping days. More than enough time, we say! A DVD box-set is always a great, chunky present, so here’s a few ideas if you’re struggling. Whether it’s gripping drama, clever comedy, or a stunning documentary you’re after, we’ve got it covered.


Set The Video: Crooked House (BBC Four over three nights – see below)

Friday, December 19th, 2008

crookedhouse.jpgRegular readers will know that it’s our firm belief on here that TV has, to say the least, a patchy history when it comes to horror. But if there’s one sub-genre that’s always been successful it’s the Christmas ghost story. Last year I had a good old moan about there not having been a good Christmas spine-tingler for some time. This year, Mark Gatiss has taken up the cudgel, and presents Crooked House over three nights next week.


Movie of the Week: Over to you

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

movie_reel.jpgIt’s become a bit of a tradition on TV Scoop for me to leave you to your own devices at Christmas. There’s just too much good stuff around to choose a single movie, and anyway you’ll probably feel like something different every day. This time next week it will be Christmas Day (squee!) and I’ll be having the day off, so click through for a bumper selection of the movies on offer over the next two weeks, and if you’re feeling in a nostalgic mood then check out what was happening on the film front this time last year, or in 2006.


TV Scoop Christmas 2008: TV Christmas Bingo!

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

TVSCOOP CHRISTMAS 2008.jpgTV has a tendency to be a little predictable at times doesn’t it? I mean, we all know Gillian McKeith will always use some gawd-awful visual aid, we all know that Gok Wan will say “bangers” at some point and we all know that, come Children In Need, the newsreaders will do something ‘wacky’. Of course, Christmas as whole, is no different. Every year, trends reappear and stars do things to get in the spirit of Yule. With that, get over the jump for a bunch of stuff that’s surely going to happen…


Celebrating the New Year with the telly?

Monday, December 31st, 2007

new_year.jpgBeing a grump (click here for a grumble about Christmas), the prospect of a New Year evening fills me with a fair amount of dread (and no, I don’t mean that I’m a Rastafarian). For me, cheering at the stroke of midnight on December 31st/January 1st is a slightly empty experience. I mean, what exactly are you cheering? The survival of another year? ‘We made it! Yeah!’ That’s a bit depressing isn’t it? Even worse than especially drunk people is the thought of watching the New Year come in with the telly.

As ever, BBC One is going to give us some fizzing and popping to make those avoiding the cold feel all special. Of course, it won’t be champagne TV, more a cheap sparkling wine from Kwik Save with a prawn ring from Iceland. ‘And now we go up to Manchester to see some people getting rained on, balefully looking toward the sky and cursing the rain in between huge glugs of Stella Artois…’. So what is on the box tonight?


My TV review of the year: from Doctor Who to The Tudors

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

All-in-all it’s been a pretty good year for TV really. We all moan and stuff, and in TV Scoop we’re all lucky enough to have a forum to moan in, but it’s been a good year I think. There has been some amazing television – series, episodes and moments – and some that has really disappointed. But that’s ok – it gives us topics to talk about, stuff for you to comment on and stuff that makes the world goes around.

I have to start at the top really. Predictable really, but Life On Mars, back at the early part of the year, was fantastic. It had a bit of everything for me – some humour, some drama, some action, some sci-fi-ish time travelling mularky, some romance and it really did try to ask some ‘why are we all here’ type questions. All good stuff. Really good stuff. My TV moment is actually a trailer – a Life On Mars trailer that combined Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt, and one of my favourites when I was growing up; Camberwick Green. This made me laugh and really tapped into my gooey reserve of nostalgia.


Singing! Dancing! And why I hate Christmas…

Friday, December 28th, 2007

c5a997ace969f646cf83688a182a810b.jpgAh! Christmas! A time when everyone gets together, gets the merry on, drinks, sings around the pianner and eats themselves into comas. It’s actually quite fantastic. This year has seen me laughing more than any Yule that came before it. The weight gained by mince pies has been lost by tittering and shivering.

However, not helping me at all has been the TV. Of course, there have been great Christmas moments. Last night’s Extras Christmas Special was great value. James May moaning about his sisters and their toys provided some ace fun… but to saturation point, there has been musical after musical and feature length animation after animation… and guess who doesn’t really like ’em?


TV Scoop’s Best of 2007 Interview: The Apprentice’s Adam Hosker

Friday, December 28th, 2007

adamhosker.jpgI wrote about it in the Top 10 Shows of the Year, but Katie Hopkins’ “back to The North and his Northern Chums” comment about Adam Hosker was undoubtedly my TV moment of the year. Not because I enjoyed it, but because it still has the power to rile me all these months later.

So of course, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask Adam about it, could I? But don’t worry, I asked him some other stuff too. Hop over the jump and check out our interview to find out just what Adam thinks of Katie (it ain’t pretty) and why you might not have seen the last of him in Sir Alan’s scary boardroom…


TV Review – Ballet Shoes, BBC One, Boxing Day, 8.30pm

Thursday, December 27th, 2007


Noel Streatfield’s novel Ballet Shoes has been well-loved by little girls and not-so little girls everywhere for decades now, so it was important that the BBC did it justice with their Boxing Day adaptation. BBC doing period drama – did you ever expect it to fail?

Of course not, and all expectations were easily matched. The fabulous cast included some of our favourite established actors – including Dame Eileen Atkins, Victoria Wood, Marc Warren and Emilia Fox – but, if anything, they were all outshone by the young actresses playing the three adoptive sisters intent on getting their names into the history books.


Set The Video – The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, Channel 4, Sunday 30 December, 9pm

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

One of the unexpected delights of last year’s Christmas television was, without doubt, Channel 4’s Big Fat Quiz Of The Year. With Jimmy Carr at the helm, and Jonathan Ross, Rob Brydon, Noel Fielding and Russell Brand among the panellists, I expected it simply to be a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours – sort of an extended edition of 8 Out Of 10 Cats.

But it was *much* better than that, as absolutely everyone was on top form, and it was clear that they were having a blast. Putting Fielding and Brand together was inspired, and their indie-cool attitudes clashed brilliantly with the music-hall humour of Brydon and his team-mate David Walliams.