The 10 best Christmas TV adverts

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ sang Andy Williams sang of Xmas. It’s certainly the best time of the year for TV ads. Traditionally, the big firms pull out all the stops in an attempt to grab attention in the build up to the festive period. Big budgets, big stars and big piles of fake snow are the order of the day when it comes to creating convincing the public to open their wallets.

Here are 10 of the best:

Coca Cola ‘Holiday’s are coming’

While Coca Cola isn’t Christmassy per se, we should remember that we have them to thank for Santa Claus being red and white. Per Noel had, in fact, generally been pictured in green or brown before Coke’s ad men got hold of him. This ad ran for quite a few years, mainly thanks to its horribly addictive tune.

Toys R Us ‘Magical Place’

Another one with a diabolically memorable earworm of a tune. Maybe music is the key to a great Xmas ad?

John Lewis Xmas 2011

John Lewis have now created a tradition of making mini-features for their Xmas ads, emotion-filled short films with a touching message. This year it’s a glove-buying snowman, last year it was this blub-causer.

Irn Bru Snowman Ad

Funny, clever and affectionate – If only all Xmas ads were as fantastic as this one.

Ferrero Rocher ‘The Ambassador’s Reception’

Yeah, we know, we didn’t realise this was a Christmas ad either. But not only is it a Christmas ad it’s probably the only one on the list that was shown outside of the festive period and that has become a cultural touchstone. That big pile of foil-covered sweets has been seen in everything from Father Ted to Little Britain and the line ‘with these Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling us’ has entered the language.

Marks & Spencer ‘Xmas wouldn’t be Xmas without…’

M& S must have spent a small fortune on this campaign featuring numerous expensive-looking celebs expounding its virtues.

John Lewis 2007 ‘Shadows’

This very clever ad could have worked at any time of year but there was just something Christmassy about the concept.

Yellow Pages ‘Mistletoe’

Super-cute, super-schmaltzy, super-Christmassy.

Woolworths ‘Cracking Christmas’ Back when Woollies was still a thing they used to corral the big TV stars of the day and film then merrily gambolling around that year’s hot gifts while a terrible tune played in the background. It was the beginning of the end, probably.

Boots 1981

No stars, no big budget, just a decent song and a Christmassy feel. Warms the cockles, dunnit?

The odds are on Julian Clary to win Celebrity Big Brother

With just a few hours left, it’s Julian Clary that is looking most likely to win the current series of Celebrity Big Brother. One betting shop punter has even placed a £15,000 bet on the camp comic triumphing over his housemates.

After Julie Goodyear and Prince Lorenzo were evicted on Wednesday night, bookies Ladbrooks took the bet which, at odds of 8-11, could mean a £26,000 pay out.

Julian is currently 4-7 favourite with Martin Kemp at 10-3, Coleen Nolan at 7-1, the Situation is 10-1, Ashley McKenzie is 20-1 and MC Harvey is the rank outsider at 50-1.

Celebrity Big Brother ends tonight, with coverage on Channel 5 from 9PM.

After 21 years off TV Dallas returns to Channel 5

In case you’re wondering why the cast of Dallas are suddenly all over the media, it’s because it’s back! For the first time since the original series ended in 1991 the oil barons of Southfork Ranch are back to terrorise our tellys with big daft hats, big daft shoulders and big, daft plots.

The first run of the show ran 13 years from 1978 and in its day was the biggest TV show on the planet. It gave us characters such as JR, Sue-Ellen Bobby Ewing and made stars of the likes of Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy.

Now it is returning for another go with plenty of new faces joining the old hands. The series starts in September but you can watch a trailer for Dallas 2012 below.