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See the amazing new trailer for Brian Cox’s Wonders Of Life

Friday, December 28th, 2012

As BBC2 prepares to roll out their new series Wonders Of Life, it has released an amazing trailer for the show.

The 5-part programme will follow Professor Brian Cox as he travels the globe exploring the story of life on Earth through physics. The programme is a remarkable co-production with Chinese broadcaster CCTV-9, the first time the BBC science unit has teamed up with the state-run channel.

The trailer runs for 3½ minutes and features clips from the programme soundtracked by an updated version of ‘The Universe Song’ from Monty Python’s film The Meaning Of Life. It features Python Eric Idle (who wrote the song) singing new lyrics about the history of the universe.

Wonders Of Life starts in January 2013, you can see the trailer below.

The Thick Of It is back! Here’s the trailer

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

After a couple of years off TV, during which time the creative team made a film (In The Loop) and a major US series (Veep), The Thick of it is back for its fourth series.

The magnificent political satire has not been on our screens since before the election of the coalition government so this new 7-part series covers just that and the new trailer, which you can see below is call ‘Coalition’.

All the major characters – Peter Mannion (Roger Allam), Nicola Murray (Rebecca Front) and TV’s greatest swearer Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) – return and this time the humour looks set to be derived from the major parties struggling with being forced to work together. Should be great stuff.

The series starts on BBC2 on September the 8th. Here’s the trailer.

BBC2 announces 2 new sitcoms and the return of Bottom

Friday, August 24th, 2012

BBC2 are planning to strengthen their comedy out put by reprising Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson’s classic sitcom Bottom as well as producing new efforts by Mitchell and Webb and stand up/ conductor/ bake show host Sue Perkins.

There hasn’t been a new series of Bottom since 1995 but now Richard Richard and Edward Hitler will return in a 6-part adaptation of their vintage stage show ‘Hooligan’s Island.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb will appear in Our Men, about a pair of British embassy officials in Tazbekistan and Sue Perkins’ show will be about a gay vet who is struggling to come out to her parents so her friends give her an ultimatum.

The new (and old) shows were announced by BBC2 controller Janice Hadlow at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Celebrity Masterchef is back: Here’s who’s cooking

Friday, August 17th, 2012

‘Cooking does not get tougher than this!’ – Yes, it’s back. Celebrity Masterchef starts a new run this coming Monday on BBC2 at 6:30.

Every year a new set of unlikely would-be chefs have a crack at impressing judges John ‘jowl’ Torode and Greg ‘ingredients expert’ Wallace by cooking dishes of their own invention in a big TV kitchen or on various random locations.

This year, the famous faces we’ll be seeing conjure up barely edible food will be:

Former Neighbours star Anne Charleston,
Lanky TV presenter Jamie Theakston,
Pop singer Javine Hylton,
Former Olympic swimmer Stephen ‘Steve’ Parry,
Comedian/ actress/ writer Emma ‘no, we’ve not heard of her either’ Kennedy,
Presumably ex pop star Gareth Gates,
Footballer’s Wives actress Laila Rouass,
Actor George Layton, who’ll probably recognise from 70’s sitcoms,
Telly gardener Diarmud Gavin,
Grumpy Old Woman Jenny Eclair,
Michael ‘jobbing TV presenter’ Underwood,
Olympic cyclist Rebecca Romero,
Former Bucks Fizzer Cheryl Baker,
Ex footballer Danny Mills,
Richard ‘Dick not Dom’ McCourt,
And former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon.

We really can’t pick a winner from that lot. Three have food-related surnames so that might help, the sports stars know all about nutrition and Cheryl Baker did a diet advert so she should know her stuff. It really is impossible to predict.

BBC2 axes Shooting Stars – for the second time

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Reeves and Mortimer's Shooting Stars: axed by BBC2

BBC Two has pulled the plug on the quiz show – presented by Bob Mortimer and Vic Reeves – for the second time after it first aired from 1995-1997, followed by a second run from 2008.

A BBC spokeswoman said: “In future there will be less space on BBC Two for comedy and entertainment panel shows so sadly Shooting Stars won’t be returning.

“We’d like to thank Vic and Bob for everything they’ve brought to the channel over the years.”

Shooting Stars’ boss Lisa Clark added: “There isn’t enough money. It’s a real shame because Vic and Bob are unique.”

Bob wrote on his twitter page: “BBC have just cancelled shooting stars.”

Fans reacted angrily to the news on twitter with The Times critic Caitlin Moran writing: “A genuine outrage. I hope some other channel snaps up Shooting Stars immediately: it’s one of the best comedy shows of the last 20 years.”

Former Fast Show star Simon Day added: “Shooting Stars: funniest show on telly. Great idea to drop it, from people who care.”

Earlier this year Bob admitted he was thrilled with how the show was being received, claiming the public needed a show that was a “bit stupid”.

He explained: “It’s had the best critical acclaim in years so maybe the time’s come round again. There’s a feeling in the air that maybe things have got a bit dreary again. There’s a need for something a bit stupid – a bit Milligan, a bit Cooper.”

BBC plans TV Movie about Dame Shirley Bassey’s life as part of Mixed Britain series

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Dame Shirley Bassey - subject of a BBC2 TV movie

The 74-year-old Welsh singing legend’s life is to be explored by BBC2, with the factual drama chronicling her poverty-stricken upbringing in Cardiff as the youngest of seven children.

Bassey, whose Nigerian father abandoned the family before she was two, rose to fame shortly after falling pregnant at 16, and went on to sell millions of hit records in a career spanning over 50 years.

The Goldfinger hitmaker’s biographer John Williams thinks the film will be fascinating. He told the BBC: “In 1954 she’s a mixed race pregnant teenager, waiting tables and heading down the same road as her mother. By 1964, she’s singing the theme tune to Goldfinger and is a glamourpuss who’s number one on both sides of the Atlantic.

“If that’s not worthy of a film, I don’t know what is.”

The singer’s story will be aired as part of a BBC2 season about mixed-race life in Britain, with other programmes including a three-part series called Mixed Britain fronted by newsreader George Alagiah, and a documentary about twins with different skin colours.

Shirley has sold 135 million records – more than any other woman in chart history.

Johnny Depp to star in Ricky Gervais sitcom Life’s Too Short

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Johnny Depp is to star in new Ricky Gervais sitcom, Life's Too Short

Johnny Depp is set to star in Ricky Gervais’ new sitcom. The 47-year-old actor – who was the butt of one of The Office star’s jibes at this year’s Golden Globes, when he described Johnny’s acting in ‘The Tourist as one-dimensional – is reportedly being lined up for a role in Ricky and partner Stephen Merchant’s new BBC Two sitcom Life’s Too Short.

However, it would appear Johnny took Golden Globes host Ricky’s jokes on the chin, as he has a “great sense of humour”. An insider told The Sun newspaper: “Johnny will guest star in Ricky’s new BBC Two show. He’s trying to work out his schedule but it will definitely go ahead.

“Johnny is a huge fan of Ricky’s and has a great sense of humour. He has wanted to work with Ricky for ages and this is it.”

Filming for the show, which will also be screened on the HBO channel in the US, begins in May and will document the tale of an ego-maniac dwarf (Warwick Davis) who runs a talent agency for other vertically-challenged actors and singers.

Life’s Too Short has been described as a cross between Ricky Gervais’ Extras and American cult comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Weekend television: Got to Dance, Made in England and Treme

Friday, February 18th, 2011

This weekend we kick of with Channel 4’s one off documentary Made in England, which starts at 7:30pm. The mini film focuses on the future of Brit manufacturing and ignores the recession to concentrate on the positives, especially in the clothing industry.

It focuses on a coat-making factory in Salford, and follows its staff as they push themselves to complete big orders in the run-up to Christmas. One cheery machinist tells the camera, “We moan a bit but we love it here.” Another worker, who’s 73, laughs off any suggestion of retirement: “What’s the point? I’d be sitting in the house on me own. I’d go mad.”

After the positivity of the night its time to get a little bit melancholy with Children’s Hospital, which rushes into ITV at 8pm.  If you don’t know by now, the long running series focuses on the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and gives an insight into the sick children there. While you’ll need your tissues at the ready, there are some smile moments, especially when the children recover.

If your lucky enough to have Sky’s new Atlantic channel then new series Treme, which starts at 10:15pm is definitely one to watch. Bought to the screen by the Wire’s David Simon the drama is set in New Orleans a few months after Hurricane Katrina.

It focuses on a group of people who survived and refused to leave. As this is the first in the series expect lots of character introductions and building.

Over to Saturday night and we get some light relief with BBC 1’s Let’s Dance for Comic Relief

Based on the US show, this charity special sees celebs vying for a charity prize to give to their chosen causes. But they will be voted out each week.

At 9:15 flick over to E4 for the Idiot Awards – they might not be new but if you haven’t seen these you’re in for a treat. Comedian Russell Kane presents a spoof awards ceremony that honours moments of stupidity, with categories including most idiotic reality show moment and idiotic airport meltdown.

And Sunday sees more dancing with Got to Dance over on Sky One at 6pm. We’re now in the last semi final in the show judged by Ashley Banjo, Adam Garcia and Pussy Cat Doll Kimberley Wyatt and this time it’s Bolly-Flex, Liquid Metallic, Mystic Force, Razzle Dazzle, Synergy, Tamara and Trinity Warriors chance to perform.

What to Watch this weekend: Ant & Dec’s Push The Button and the BAFTAs

Friday, February 11th, 2011

It’s nearing Friday night and the weekend, and over here at TV Scoop that means one thing: The weekend what to watch round up.

This weekend is packed with a range of programmes ranging from the serious to family fun to those awards ceremonies.

First up we look at a programme tonight that falls in the “serious” list. Father Ray Comes Out hits Channel 4 tonight at 7:30 and looks at the life of Gay church of England clergyman Ray.

In this series Ray considers whether it’s right to come out to his parish, looks at the stereotypes gay priests face and the reaction he may begin if he tells his flock.

If this is slightly too heavy for you and your a night owl then flick over to ITV at 10:35 for 30 Years of An Audience With. This looks at the highlights of the popular series with highlights including Kylie Minogue and veteran comedian Ronnie Corbett.

Looking for something a bit gritty? The Channel 5 might have something right up your street with Cops in Crisis at 11:55, a great programme for those who like to stay up or the others who have come back a little bit tipsy from the pub.

This documentary looks at the dangerous and harrowing situations experienced by police officers, from robbery attempts gone wrong to deadly shoot-outs. If this is your type of programme then BBC 2’s Toughest Place to Be a Paramedic on Sunday at 9pm will be right up your street.

In this new series British professionals spend a fortnight using their skills in tricky, foreign environments. First up is Angie Dymott, a kindly, robust paramedic from Cardiff. Sensibly, she wants to try out the equivalent job in one of the most violent places on earth: Guatemala City.

Back to Saturday night BBC 2 brings back the iconic Blackadder with Blackadder Rides Again at 8pm, which brings together all the cast in a documentary. Viewers also get the pleasure of hearing Rowan Atkinson, talk about his experience making the show.

If you’re too young to appreciate this then Ant & Dec’s Push the Button on ITV at 7:20 might be a better bet. Like the series before it and the one before it, this sees the pair lead families through a  live quiz, and even join in themselves, as they fight to hold onto the £100,000 prize.

This brings us onto Sunday and the must-have British Academy Film Awards which are to be aired on BBC 1 at 9:00pm. Expect lots of red carpet action and tearful speeches, and if you’re a red carpet fashion fan then also click onto our sister site ShinyStyle for all the celebrity style.

TV Review: Masterchef, BBC Two, Tuesday 24 February, 8.30pm

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

celeb_masterchef_final-thumb-140x93-30975.jpgThey finally pulled a great task out of the bag! About time too. This is the second part of the final so we’ve only got two more days before someone is crowned King of Masterchef and big big flavours. It’s all getting very exciting. But what did they have to do?

To read all our Masterchef news, reviews and interviews, go here.


TV Review: Masterchef, BBC Two, Monday 23 February, 9pm

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

greggwallace loves food 4eva-thumb-140x89.jpgLast night was the first part of the Masterchef final. Does that strike anyone else as weird? Is there any other show that has four parts to their final? They really do like milking this show, don’t they? Luckily though, it’s always pretty good. Although the challenges they think up are always a tad strange when they get to this point in the show. I think it’s known as clutching at straws.


TV Review: Masterchef, BBC Two, Monday 16 February, 9pm

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

masterchefsemi.jpgHas Masterchef still not finished yet? They’re really milking this series, aren’t they? I can’t remember that last time I watched BBC Two and Gregg and John weren’t yelling at one another or salivating over some pudding or other. But, fear not, it’s nearly over. Last night saw the semi-finals and ooooh it was good. There was tears, over excited food noises and a few shocks too.


TV Review: Terry Pratchett – Living with Alzheimer’s, BBC Two, Wednesday 11 February, 9pm

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

terry.jpgLast night saw the conclusion of Terry Pratchett’s Living With Alzheimer’s. While I remained somewhat unconvinced with the crusade Terry was on in the last episode, this final slot was much more interesting to watch. It became clear, to me at least, that it wasn’t so much a crusade the best-selling author was on. He just wanted to understand what was happening to him and his brain.


University Challenge: Is Corpus Christi’s Trimble Smug or Sexy?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

2trimble argh-thumb-140x89.jpgTV Scoop’s erm ‘favourite’, University Challenge contestant Trimble, was back on our box last night and boy she didn’t let us down. There has been such a strong reaction to this woman, yet all she’s doing is going on the show, answering questions and getting them (mostly) right! What is it about her that makes me want to throw things at my telly? How has this student caused such a reaction?

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TV Scoop interview: Jack Dee, Lead Balloon

Monday, October 27th, 2008

jack dee lead balloon.jpg

Original grumpy old man Jack Dee is back for a third series of Lead Balloon starting November 13th, BBC Two. TV Scoop caught up with the man himself at a special screening of the new series last week to talk about stand up and his inspiration for onscreen character, comedian Rick Spleen.


The IT Crowd hits America

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

itcrowd.jpgThe It Crowd (which we’ve had our doubts about here on Scoop, it has to be said) has been exported wholesale to the US and the comparisons have begun. The LA Times describes the show as ‘reminiscent of The Big Bang Theory’ which might be interesting to Graham Linehan – creator of The IT Crowd – which came out in 2006 a year before TBBT.


TV Review: Sesame Tree, BBCTwo, Wednesday 6 August, 7.45am

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

250px-Sesame_Tree.jpgWhen my son discovered Sesame Tree online, I thought it was a dodgy spoof of classic Sesame Street (of the kind my son often stumbles upon on YouTube, gah).

Well, it kind of is, but it’s also official, made as it is by BBC Northern Ireland and featuring clips of vintage Sesame Street.


TV Review: Mary Queen Of Shops, BBC Two, Monday 14 July, 9pm

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Of the many “guru” shows that litter the gogglebox like courts summonses on Pete Doherty’s doormat, BBC Two’s Mary Queen of Shops is one of the better ones. Mary Portas herself is engaging and watchable in a very Gordon Ramsay way – you like her even though you think you shouldn’t – and the subject matter is genuinely interesting. At least that is the way it is most weeks, this week was a bit of a let down.


TV Review: Long Way Down, BBC Two, Sunday, 9pm

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

ewan_end.jpgLast night was rather bittersweet for me. While watching the final installment of Long Way Down, I found myself both incredibly pleased, dare I say joyous, when Charley and Ewan finally made it to Capetown and just a little bit sad that the journey was now over. (And my hopes of to seeing Ewan’s bare ass on television again were now completely squashed.) This episode was by far the best yet. There was a romantical Man Love montage of some of Ewan and Charley’s most tender moments, a surprise visit from Ewan’s mom, and tearful goodbyes from between Ewan and his wife after Eve joined the boys for 7 days on the road. (And yes, Charley did get jealous. Very jealous.)

I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with Eve McGregor’s confidence on her bike, and determination to not slow down Charley and Ewan. I half expected her just to be this wimpy little thing that was only a long for the ride so she could monitor what her husband was doing and to be a general pain in the ass. However, she couldn’t have been anymore the opposite. Petite, wise and lovely, Eve was gracious and kind with all the people she met, and you could tell that the Road Team genuinely loved her, and were glad to have her on board.


“Hold me closer tiny Hamster” – my shameful crush on Richard Hammond

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007


Because I lived in America for about 20 years, I had never heard of Richard Hammond or Top Gear until I moved to London. I’d occasionally hear his name thrown around here and there and the sporadic mention of, “MATE! Did you see Top Gear last night!? It was proper wicked, huh? HUH?” But alas, I just figured it was some blokey show with lame jokes, ugly cars and surgically enhanced blonds using power tools for no apparent reason. My assumption as to what Top Gear was about even further *proved* when I found out its repeats would be shown over and over again on Dave, the channel that’s supposed to be for guys.

However, when I saw Richard Hammond on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross a few months back, I have to admit, I found something rather charming about him. Whether it was the way he used molding wax to strategically texturize his hair, or the mischievous glint in his eye – I knew there was something special about that fellow they call Hamster. I was surprised to learn he partook in that Top Gear show, but I thought if someone like him could love it, then maybe, just maybe, I could, too.