Queen’s Christmas speech to be broadcast in 3D

The Queen’s speech, the royal’s annual address to her subjects, is to be broadcast in 3D for the first time this year.

Moving with the times, Elizabeth II had her speech recorded by BSkyB last Friday, with the broadcasters recording the speech using 3D equipment.

It’s been a busy year for the Queen, what with the royal wedding, the recent announcement of a new great-grandchild and her liaison with James Bond for the Olympics.

Broadcast on Sky, the BBC and ITV, the Queen’s speech will be available in 3D for those with access to the necessary channels and 3D television viewing equipment. It airs at 3pm on Christmas Day.

However we (like many other UK residents, we expect), are sure to be totally bladdered by that time on Christmas Day. Being able to tell whether all shows on the TV are in 3D or not by that point may be a challenge.

Via Tech Digest

Get ready for a Safari Park Adventure in 3D!

If you love animals you will love this new show which comes to Sky 3D this February.

Safari Park Adventure will take you behind the scenes at Woburn Safari Park, giving you an insight into the lives of the six hundred animals that live there which is only surpassed by an actual visit to the park.

The ten part series takes viewers behind the scenes to follow some of the surprising aspects of the lives of the creatures and keepers at the world famous safari park.

TV Scoop were among a selected few to have a sneak peek at the first episode, in which we were introduced to rhinos, mischief causing squirrel monkeys (but cute as a button!), a pride of hungry lions and Raja the elephant who enjoys a regular pedicure and scrub. Who said life was easy as an elephant?

The Duke of Bedford, owner of Woburn Safari Park said: “We are proud to have the opportunity to showcase the precious collection of wild animals; including many critically endangered and threatened species cared for at Woburn. It’s a fantastic chance for everyone to go behind the scenes and see the hard work and dedication of our team of keepers, including the special care taken to provide a fun and educational day out.”

Safari Park Adventure 3D premieres on the Sky 3D Channel on February 4th at 9pm. You can also catch it on Animal Planet.

For more information about Woburn Safari Park visit www.woburn.co.uk/safari.

Sky 3D adds depth to Horse of the Year Show

Moving on from two footed football tackles, Sky 3D are looking to add some depth to the 4-legged escapades of this year’s Horse of the Year Show. Covering the 8th and 9th of October at the event, Sky have lined up a few 3D specific surprises for the coverage.

As well as covering the Dressage and Puissance competitions, Sky has worked with event organisers to create a specially designed jump that will maximise the 3D experience, carefully lining up shots that emphasise depth and movement.

“We know from the experience of looking at other sports that it’s always good to have low angle shots with lots of images within the frame so that we get some nice 3D depth,” Robin Broomfield, Sky Sports’ 3D Technical Specialist, told Tech Digest.

“The camera positioning we already use for equestrian sports is already very low angles well suited to 3D shooting, so it’s just been a case of looking at what we already had and working with the director and producer to set up some spectacular shots of the horses and jumps. The distance between jumps and combination jumps in 2D tend to appear to look shorter than they actually are – in 3D you’ll be better be able to appreciate such depth.”

If all goes well, the Horse of the Year show could mark the first of many equestrian shows in Sky’s 3D catalogue.

“I’m hoping this will be the start of more equestrian 3D coverage for Sky; not just jumping but events from the racing calendar also. Horses are incredible, spectacular looking beasts and I think in 3D it will really come to life”, added Broomfield.

The event finale will be broadcast on the Sky 3D channel on Saturday October 8th at 8pm and Sunday October 9 at 8.30pm. It will also be simulcast in 2D on Sky Sports 4.

Via Tech Digest

For more information visit www.sky.com/3D.

Wild reality TV fun this October as Meerkats 3D premieres on Sky 3D

You’d be excused for thinking meerkats are cute little creatures who sell insurance, but did you know that these funny, affectionate and cuddly creatures also have slightly more wicked side?

The nation has fallen in love with ‘the little earthmen’ who live in the Kalahari Desert, so when TVScoop was invited to an early screening of the small furballs’ next TV adventure we didn’t hesitate to accept.

Together with National Geographic Channel, Sky 3D are bringing you Meerkats 3D this October.

Meerkats 3D follows the journey of Clinky and her family of meerkats as they cope with the twists and turns of life in the stunning yet hostile Kalahari Desert. See the highs and lows of being a meerkat matriarch: the daily dilemmas, tackling the tough and dangerous terrain as well as trying to keep little teenage meerkat daughters out of trouble – and away from rival gang’s admirers!

Expect drama, sadness and a lot of giggles as Clinky, Miss Bean, Harry and the rest of the clan watch over the new pups as they tackle their first scorpion, avoid deadly cobra attacks and take their first trip out with the group, trying to keep up – their lives depending on it.

The hour-long docu soap is produced by Oxford Scientific Films – the team behind popular Meerkat Manor – and immerses the audience in the complex social lives of meerkats over several different seasons.

Caroline Hawkins, the film’s producer, said the team were keen to bring meerkats to 3D as the “format makes the film more natural and dramatic” and “brings the viewer into the meerkat world as closely as possible”.

Before the screening at London Zoo, we quickly caught up with Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tim Clutton-Brock, who has spent over 18 years studying the fascinating animals and who assisted the film team before they went on location. Prof. Clutton-Brock told stories of how the ten inch desert creatures can be quite vicious when needs be – killing or banishing their own to protect the future success of their clan – and why meerkats make a very poor pets because of their social nature. “They become quite vicious when taken away from their pack” and are quite “brutal and not just cuddly” said Prof Clutton-Brock, who generally avoids being called Meerkat King despite his vast knowledge of these small animals.

Meerkats 3D will be shown on the Sky 3D channel on Sunday 16th October at 8pm.

If you don’t own a 3D TV the 2D version of Meerkats can be seen on the same day and time on Nat Geo Wild (Sky channel 528).

Sky 3D and David Attenborough Collaborate On The World of King Penguins

A few weeks ago I wrote about David Attenborough’s with Flying Monsters 3D, airing on Sky 3D on Christmas day.

Sky has now announced plans to bring viewers a second 3D documentary in collaboration with our favourite naturalist. Penguin Island 3D according to the release is a “dramatic look into the world of King penguins promising romance, in-fighting and high drama, all set on the spectacular and uninhabited island of South Georgia.”

The feature length documentary was produced by Atlantic Productions, and will premiere on Sky 3D before being released in cinemas. The film will follow the lives of the birds and neighboring wildlife though the trials and tribulations of life on the edge of Antarctica.

Commenting on Penguin Island 3D, Sir David Attenborough said: “South Georgia is one of the most extraordinary and least appreciated places for wildlife in the world. King penguins are particularly interesting because they are so big that the chicks can’t grow to adult dimensions and strength to go to sea within a year. The landscape and wildlife of South Georgia is very dramatic, and I think it will look absolutely mind-blowing in 3D.”

First Images from Sir David Attenborough & Sky’s Flying Monsters 3D, airing Xmas day

The one hour film which will be aired on Sky 3D, is Attenborough’s first ever work outside the BBC and Sky’s first original factual 3D commission. Flying Monsters 3D tells the evolution of pterosaurs – flying vertebrates with a wingspan of up to 45 feet who lived 200 million years ago.

The natural history documentary took nine months to complete with a team of over 80 people. The documentary was shot in locations across the world including Germany, New Mexico, France and the UK. The film was produced by the award-winning producer Anthony Geffen and his company Atlantic Productions and was directed by Matthew Dyas.  The 3D TV technology was provided by ZOO, who have also worked on blockbuster hits such as Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia.

One of the films highlights is supposedly when Sir David Attenborough is shot flying in a glider alongside a Quetzalcoatlus!

“This was one of the most complicated sequences ever filmed in 3D.  We shot David in a real glider and later superimposed, using CGI, the biggest pterosaur – a Quetzalcoatlus.  The idea was to demonstrate the extraordinary scale of the pterosaur, a creature that was longer than a bus and could fly at 75 miles an hour, by setting it beside something from the modern day of the same size that people could relate to.” explains Geffen.

After its premier on Christmas morning the film will be released theatrically in IMAX cinemas around the world in 2011. This film is sure to be spectacular and personally I can’t  wait to see it.

3D TV show from Sky to cure your arachnophobia…or scare you to death

Maybe it’s just me, but if I’d just shelled out a fair few grand on a 3D TV, the last thing I’d want to be doing with it is using it to face up to an innate phobia of creepy crawlies, with eight-legged nasties seemingly jumping out of the screen and into my living room.

If that sounds like your idea of a living nightmare and you’re lucky enough to have a 3D TV, you’d do well to avoid Sky’s 3D channel on October 1st, where they will be broadcasting a 3D film on spiders with the aim of curing the viewers’ of arachnophobia.

The “ultimate immersive experience” according to Sky, it’ll feature Ralph Little of The Royle Family fame on narration duties, himself a sufferer of the phobia.

They say never work with animals, and spiders proved no exception, acting particularly camera shy. Director Neil Torbit, said: “We wanted to get a shot of loads of spiders in the bath, but we also needed props in the bath to give it the 3D depth it needed. Of course all the spiders hid under the props! We had four people trying to coax them out with sticks as well as blowing them with straws.”