LOVEFiLM vs Netflix


Many of you will already be aware that there are a few internet based services from which you can rent or stream the best of films and TV series’.  LOVEFiLM will be the company most will be familiar with due to its prevalence in Northern Europe and large number of UK subscribers.  LOVEFiLM is an Amazon company and has over 2million European members.

Now other companies are getting involved in film and entertainment subscription services, you’ll find many articles pitching the likes of LOVEFiLM vs Netflix or a variety of other exponents of the trade.

The thing that seems to set LOVEFiLM apart is its vast library – via the postal service, you can access over 70,000 Blu-rays and DVDs – and with the instant service you can stream from a selection of over 5,500 movies.

3 discs a month by post is as little as £5.99 which seems like incredible value and the fact that LOVEFiLM posts out films as well as streams notches up another point in the LOVEFiLM vs Netflix debate.

As a viewer you must decide whether you like to rent films online or prefer to have them sent in the form of a DVD via the post.  The LOVEFiLM postal service is handy as you get free first class postage either way with no late fees.  LOVEFiLM try to bridge a service that sits in-between streaming and DVD rental as they know that a lot of people don’t like the fuss of streaming.  They do acknowledge though that 80% of their users have viewed a film online at some point.

If we judge the contest between LOVEFiLM and its competitors mainly on how many films are available to us it seems as though LOVEFiLM is a clear winner and the fact that streaming hasn’t entirely taken off yet puts it in poll position regarding its huge DVD collection.

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