Sky Atlantic confirms transmission dates for Boardwalk Empire season 3


Exciting times ahead for those of you hooked on HBO’s prohibition drama Boardwalk Empire. Season 3’s first episode will air on Sky Atlantic on Saturday the 29th of September at 9PM.

The new season will pick up a year after the dramatic events at the end of season 2, which saw Atlantic City’s de facto boss Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) kill rival/ surrogate son Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt). Expect the repercussions to play a big part in the new series. Al Capone (Stephen Graham) will also be much more involved in the machinations in the new series.

Terence Winter, the creator of the show said: “Dramatically we think of Season 3 as the night before the morning after – it’s basically the big party before the hangover. People still haven’t confronted their actions from season 2… Things have changed in the world and in the world of bootlegging – it’s a much more violent world, a much more competitive world, all of these things converge and it ultimately culminates in a really, really exciting season.”

Here is the trailer and below is a feature on the making of season 3.

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