Sir Jimmy Savile’s huge headstone unveiled – it’s also available on Kindle


Since his death in October last year, Sir Jimmy Savile’s grave at Scarborough has been unmarked. This is because he requested that to be buried at a 45 degree angle (so he would be looking at the sea?!?!) and so his family had to wait until the land to settle before his stone could be laid. And now we can see why – it’s enormous!

The triptych stone features 2 pictures, a cross, family details, a list of Sir Jim’ll’s achievements and a sort-of poem written by the man himself. It even has another section of text on the back, which lead to some wag on Twitter joking that the headstone is also available for Kindle.

The stone cost £4,000 so it’s a shame that the makers didn’t spot the misspelling of chieftain on the right hand stone. Someone will be getting a slapped wrist for that one.

In other Savile news (amazing, isn’t it, that a bloke who died 11 months ago is still making news?) ITV are to air a documentary that he sexually assaulted young girls during the 70’s and 80’s. His friends are denying the claims.

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