Sherlock ‘remake’ Elementary is coming to the UK but do we really want it?


Since the BBC reinvented Sherlock Holmes for the small screen there have rumours about a US version set in the modern day. Now it’s here.

Elementary stars Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Lui (yes, Lucy Lui) as Watson and is set in current day New York. Similarities to the UK’s Sherlock, with Benedict ‘I look like an Otter’ Cumberbatch and Martin ‘Bilbo’ Freeman, are entirely coincidental, though, if the makers of the US version are to be believed.

It seems that the producers of Elementary, CBS, approached the makers of Sherlock, Hartswood Films, about a possible US remake based on the BBC’s Sherlock a couple of years ago but talks came to nought. Now CBS have got their own modern version and anyone who says they nicked the idea is clearly a fool.

Holmes has, of course been updated and brought into the modern world before (like when he fought Nazis in the 40’s film versions starring Basil Rathbone) but to have two very similar high profile updates so close together smacks a teeny bit of copying, don’t you think?

Anyway, Elementary starts this week in the US and will be shown on Sky Living in the UK very soon so you can make up your own mind which one is better (clue: it’s Sherlock, easily). Here’s a not-very-inspiring trailer for Elementary.

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