Baggage: Would Gok Wan’s new show be better named ‘Garbage’?


It doesn’t sound promising, does it? Gok Wan hosting a Blind Date-style dating show where desperate singletons tell prospective dates about their faults in the hope of getting a snog? Well, that’s the premise of ‘Baggage’, which starts this Friday on Channel 4.

The eight part series will see contestants open suitcases containing details of one of their character flaws. The luggage gets bigger with each round, as does the flaw. The potential date then chooses which of the contestants he dislikes the least and they go for dinner. Or something.

It’s all a bit tawdry and harks back to the days when Channel 4 used to fill Friday night with the likes of the ‘I’d do anything to get on TV’ slot on The Word and that other awful thing that Denise Van Outen used to present which featured penises.

For those of you thinking ‘Oh, no. It’ll be fun. I like that nice Gok Wan and it all sounds like a harmless lark’, take a look at the clip below taken from the US version of the show, hosted by Jerry Springer. It shows women eating butter, glue and dirt while a man tries not to vomit – if that doesn’t convince you this thing will be dreadful then, frankly, you need treatment.

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