Becky to leave Coronation Street in spectacular style


Have you ever wanted to stand up during a wedding and when the vicar says ‘Do you know of any lawful impediment why this couple should not be man and wife?’  to say ‘Yes’.

Well Becky, played by Katherine Kelly, has her opportunity tonight at the wedding between Steve McDonald and the thoroughly poisonous Tracy Barlow. Becky knows that she wasn’t responsible for Tracy’s miscarriage, and that Tracy had already miscarried the day before, but Steve has chosen to believe Tracy’s lies. Until now. Will Becky finally get her revenge?

In part two of tonight’s Corrie double bill (ITV1, 8.30pm), Becky leaves Coronation Street in a typically tearful farewell and little luggage (except of the emotional kind of course). Steve realises his big mistake and goes chasing after her to the airport. But is is too late?

You can also see behind the scenes foootage of Katherine Kelly’s final Corrie moments on the ITV website here.

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