Review: Silent Witness

I thanked the TV gods for V+ last night when ITV and BBC One decided to put on key crime dramas at the same time.

BBC One brightened up what looked to be a depressing evening as many of us had to come back to work with a new episode of Silent Witness, while ITV went for a Lynda La Plante adaptation for Beyond Suspicion. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to watch the latter but I will be doing so very shortly. In the meantime here’s my opinion on Silent Witness, which I’ve followed since the very first episode starring Amanda Burton.

However,  it was only when Harry and Leo and later Nikki came onto the scene that the series began to gain momentum. Perhaps this is because the show got a bigger budget or maybe it’s just because the three characters gel alot better.

After waiting a long while for the new series the first episode last night didn’t disappoint. Five bodies came in – probably one of the most counts we’ve seen unless there has been an accident. This was followed by a sixth later. And three storylines dominated the hour long two parter. What we really noticed was that the level of gruesomeness had grown. We were treated to more skull cutting and skin peeling than we could remember in the past, and the story line was alot more intricate and complex. We won’t spoil it for those of you who missed it but it was a cracker. We can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

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