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The Apprentice 2010: Liz Locke’s surprise exit

By Andrea on December 9th, 2010 1 comment

We couldn’t believe it when we heard Lord Sugar direct the words “you’re fired” to Liz Locke, which also shocked the other contestants when Stuart and Stella went back to the house.
In fact Jo was so shocked she sounded like a commentator shouting “Gooooooaaal”.
We know many will agree when we say that Stuart should have gone. Not only did he lose the bus tour task by putting ticket prices too high, but he also tried to poach his rival’s customers by pitching in the same spot, as well as loitering around the Tourist Centre, which was selling the other team’s tickets thanks to Chris negotiating a deal to give them 20 percent of all earnings.
However Stuart managed to win Lord Sugar around in a range of begging attempts, most notably his assertion that he was not “…a one trick pony” but “…someone with a field full of ponies “.
Oh dear, oh dear.  Liz we think you’ve got a bright future ahead no matter what.

Liz, Stuart and Stella get dressed up

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  • Tim

    Putting the issue of Stuart – who may be rubbish but is at least comedy gold – to one side, I’ve been saying for several weeks that Liz was not as strong a contender as most people seemed to think. But I also wonder if Sugar already knew that Liz was a football WAG – he had previously made comments about Bond Street and her knowing the price of Versace – and didn’t want the embarrassment of having a winner who promptly quit to front yet another WAG-related reality show.

    Jamie (who I really do not like) was brilliant entertainment this week. I’ll give him credit – learning to be a tour guide in a day is seriously difficult, but he did come out with a series of unintentional comedy gems.

    “The river Thames is literally drenched in history. It’s the second largest river in London.”

    “Straight ahead of you we’ve got Big Ben. The face of the clock is 20 diameters in width.”

    “I think it’s only fair we start talking about Westminster Abbey because once again this is an incredibly important part of England’s history. So you can go there and, well, it’s a church.”

    “You see the building which looks like a gherkin? It’s called the ‘Gherkin’ because it looks like a gherkin.”

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