Largebaps become ‘graspable’ on Countdown conundrum anagram


Countdown Conundrum’s largebaps

Once in a while Countdown gets interesting and schoolboys up and down the land (and let’s face it grown ups too) start sniggering. Rather than a random series of letters that probably spell a nine letter Polish surname (but nothing decipherable in English greater than four letters) the Countdown conundrum throws up a rude word.

Recently, it was ‘shitfaced’ which was deemed to rude to broadcast. But apparently ‘Largebaps’ which went out yesterday during the Countdown Conundrum was OK. Who decides on this sort of thing?

Anyway, what’s amazing is that a contestant was composed enough to rearrange the letters into the word ‘graspable’ which, I suppose, is fitting for largebaps. Meanwhile Jeff Stelling got a fit of the giggles. I have to say if that was me I would have just pissed myself laughing. Or is that just me?

Via, Via @theOliJones

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