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Alan Partridge is back with Fosters sponsored web show, Mid Morning Matters

By shinychris on November 5th, 2010 4 comments

Is sponsored content like this the future of broadcasting on the web? Like soap powders once sponsored soaps, beer brand Fosters has put presumably a very large wodge of cash behind bringing Alan Partridge to our screens, well our computer screens anyway.

Cynics might say it’s simply Steve Coogan cashing in on his most popular creation now he’s no longer on TV. I’m not so sure. Yes there’s the Fosters logo hanging (ironically?) on the wall. But the content is unmistakably Partridge. Perhaps not the funniest thing of his I’ve ever seen, as a lot of the best Alan Partridge moments were filmed at the fictional Linton Travel Tavern, but mostly quite watchable. As Partridge himself might say, Back On The Net.

It’s all part of a big campaign for Fosters’ new website, which is obviously aiming to link the beer brand with classic comedy. But if Alan Partridge doesn’t float your boat there’s also classic content from Channel 4 including Peep Show as well as a new, and not very funny, show called Two Men At A Bar (two blokes at a bar talking rubbish, it seems). You can also get involved with the new comedy ‘channel’ via Twitter and Facebook of course.

Remind yourself of how funny Alan Partridge was in this classic interview on Radio Norwich with Peter Baxendale-Thomas of the Norfolk Farmers Union. Terrible canned laughter though.

And here’s a great clip of Alan Partridge being flattened by a dead cow:

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  • Greg

    Interesting that you mention that the interview with Chris Morris contained canned laughter, as I was actually at the recording of that episode, and the laughter was generate by a live audience – as it was for all of both series.

    As for the new vidcasts: I thought the 1st one was excellent and greatly look forward to the others.

  • shinychris

    Having listened to it on You Tube it did seem like canned laughter. Certainly seemed quite jarring after listening to the new Foster’s episode. But if you were there I’m not going to argue with you! I quite liked the new episode too, but my point is that the good thing about the original episodes is that there were more scenes and more characters which made it a little more compelling I guess.

  • Nez

    Personally, I like the laughter. It’s not canned as it’s a live audience and I feel like I’m laughing along with others. A lot of comedies these days are not using live laughter tracks and I think it makes them sinister!
    The lack of it is not too bad on these ‘Webisodes’ though, although I would expect laughter if there was ever a ‘REAL’ return of I’m Alan Partridge which, in my opinion, is the finest comedy series ever created!

  • Patters

    Steve Coogan has also just done his first as Alan Partridge for 10 years. It’s on the ShortList website

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