YouTube: Stephen Fry in X Factor Wagner spoof

“My love affair with Wagner began when I was a child and first heard his music on my Father’s gramophone,” says Stephen Fry. Only, disappointingly,  it turns out that he’s not talking about Wagner – the Brazilian sensation on the X Factor at all – but the German composer of the same name.

In the clever video mash up, Fry adds that the music “did something most extraordinary to me. It’s made me do things inside – it’s released forces within me.” I think on this occasion we can safely say that he wasn’t talking about the 54 year singing She Bangs or his bongo rendition of the B52s Love Shack, or ‘loan shark’ as he seemed to sing it.

Not that Stephen Fry seems to mind any of this gentle mickey taking. He wrote on Twitter. “Can’t decide what’s funnier: the way (the video) is cut together or that some really believe I’m talking about the X Factor Wagner!”

At the time of writing the spoof has attracted 180,000 views but it’s sure to go a lot higher before this weekend’s X Factor. Will the charismatic Brazilian, who has expressed his feelings for fellow contestant Mary, be booted off this weekend? I very much doubt it. Expect him to go a lot further before the voting public finally tires of him and decides to vote for someone who can sing!

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