Doctor Who guests with Orbital at Glastonbury

The debate about which Doctor is the greatest from Doctor Who will rage on for the rest of time (as will the ‘Who Is The Worst’ no doubt). However, it was pretty much accepted that David Tennant was the coolest.

As cute as his penchant for Converse was, he’s been totally out-hipped by Matt Smith who, this weekend, appeared on stage at Glastonbury with some proper musical pioneers.

Yessir, Orbital (the British Kraftwerk) played at the stinkfest and once more, wheeled out their take on the Doctor Who theme tune (previously titled ‘Doctor?’ from The Altogether LP). However, they decided to spice things up and get Matt Smith to introduce the thing, as well as letting him loose on the controls to join in.

How great is that? If you missed it, here’s a video of the event.

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