The Onion: Soon to air on television!


If you like satire and you haven’t read The Onion, you’re missing out. America’s funniest and most bleeding edge newsmockers have been lampooning everything in sight for 22 years. And now, it will be appearing on a TV set near you.

Now, some of you may have tuned in online and seen The Onion News Network, which launched in 2007. 2 million of you watch it every week and in the absence of Brass Eye, British satire fans have been spraying tea through their noses ever since the launch.

Next year, report the Guardian, the Onion moves into television with half-hour programmes for the Independent Film Channel and Comedy Central.

Joe Randazzo, The Onion editor, says about the prospect of TV: “It does feel like we have become legitimate, that we have made it. The conceit behind the Onion is that it is a gigantic mega corporation and there is a danger that we could become the very monster we caricature… but our plan is to self-sabotage the show so that people know that we got the chance but in the end we didn’t care about TV.”

Here’s a taste of what you can expect…

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