“Sack Kay Burley!” cries protesters through Sky News

One of the unexpected highlights of this years failed election involved Sky’s NewsDroid Kay Burley. Yep, she found herself in front of some particularly loud (and quite funny) hecklers while conducting an interview on Westminster’s College Green.

A group of protesters (who had previously been on the receiving end of BurleyBot’s steely glare and emotionless haranguing) drowned out her interview with howls of “Sack Kay Burley! Watch the BBC!” and the hilariously eloquent “Sky News is shit!”

The camera just caught Burley muttering under her breath: “They don’t like us, they don’t like the Sun, they don’t like Rupert…”

Here’s a video of the moment in question, should you have missed it. Sadly, it doesn’t feature Peter Andre having a cry.

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