Jonathan Ross wants Brand for last chatshow… but what about Sachs?


Jonathan Ross has invited Russell Brand to appear on the final episode of his BBC chatshow, according to reports. The ubiquitous ‘sources’ reckon that the broadcaster wants to use his swan song show as an opportunity to speak publicly about ‘Manuelgate’/’Sachs-o-phone’ scandal, which all kicked off when Wossy and Brand left puerile messages on Andrew Sachs’s answerphone during a Radio 2 programme.

One insider told The Sun: “Jonathan and Russell are great friends but they’ve never really discussed what happened in public. So Jonathan thought that it was right that now the dust has settled he should be allowed to have Russell on and talk about Sachsgate with him.”

Another told the Daily Mail: “You can imagine that Jonathan and Russell will be in high spirits – it will definitely be an interview not to be missed. It is surely Jonathan’s way of putting two fingers up to the BBC.”

However, a BBC source said that the move had not yet been approved by Ross’s bosses, explaining: “The guests have not been booked. As always, we will have final say on the bookings.”

Does anyone else think he’d show more nuts if he invited Andrew Sachs on as well?

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