Set The Video: Chocolate – The Bitter Truth, BBC One, Wednesday, 24 March, 9pm

Chocolate. Oh, it’s religiously good isn’t it? Some people say it’s better than sex. Apparently it releases stupidly named things in your brain that makes you feel happy. I like it so much that I ate 20 Kit-Kats in two days. However, for every piece of chocolate we scoff, apparently there’s a million things to feel guilty about.

What is there to feel bad about? Getting fat? Who cares?! I’ll take my chances bucko!

Alas, if it was only that simple. You see, Chocolate – The Bitter Truth (BBC One, Wednesday, 24 March, 9pm) sets about showing us the nasty side of chocolate, thereby ensuring that we’ll all have a little cry (and in turn, comfort eat as much chocolate as our bodies can take).

Apparently, we spend more on chocolate each year than investors spend on gold. That’s either a good sales pitch for chocolate or a beacon of how badly gold is doing at the moment.

As Easter approaches, Jesus’ favourite sugarfest, do we honestly know anything about chocolate before we hoover it down our fat necks?

Paul Kenyon goes undercover as a cocoa trader in West Africa and discovers seven year old children working long hours on cocoa farms and generally makes us all like the weird, dark bit in an episode of Tarrant on TV.

Perhaps we shouldn’t watch it.

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