Alan Titchmarsh show versus Video Games (prepare to get furious)

In the video game world, there’s an Alan Titchmarsh show that’s been doing the rounds and making everyone – quite rightly – furious. That’s because the assembled dick-heads have managed to out-stupid Loose Women. Serious. In the middle of the idiocy you have the clearly reasonable and smart (C&VG’s) Tim Ingham, who is in turn, agog, bemused and angry. There’s a video to watch over the jump. Get on it quick before someone takes it down.

What you get in the show is a stupid, dimwitted rant against video games and just how bloody nasty and evil they are. Simply thinking about a violent game will make a child beat his best friend to death with the nearest blunt object.


Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie is somewhat hysterical about games, despite missing the fact that he thrilled at many a death with a ‘Gotcher!’ headline… and let’s not go into all that Hillsborough stuff (I’d like to, but you’d be here all day), but nothing compared to the yapping twattery of Julie Peasgood who claims that games “promote racism”. She did this without a hint of irony, despite being the voice actor in a flesh eating zombie game herself.

Check out the clip here (or check it out on the ITVPlayer)

If you have at least one functioning braincell, this should’ve made you madder than a bear with a thorn in its colon.

[via the wonderful Rock Paper Shotgun]

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