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Set The Video: Leaving Home at 8, Channel 4, Thursday, 11 February, 9pm

By johnberesford on February 9th, 2010 1 comment

leaving home at 8.jpgLeaving Home at 8 (Channel 4, Thursday, 11 February, 9pm) is set to appear on our screens and break our miserable little hearts. Basically, it’s a show that revolves around sending children to boarding school. Yessir, a show about one of the weirdest institutions you can think of.

The boarding school has always been something of a mystery to me. The walled garden of boarding school life has always seemed cruel from the outside looking in. Single sex classes, strict posh blokes with daft names barking orders at you, children away from their parents and beastings and all that stuff that I’m incredibly glad of avoiding in my time on Earth.

If indeed, all those things are true at all. I wouldn’t know. They don’t exactly do open days do they and I certainly didn’t know anyone from a boarding school.

So these parents send away their under-tens and everyone feels dreadful. The parents get pangs of guilt and the children all erupt into snotty tears as they are yoinked out of family life and sent to a prison of learning.

Cameras follow these little hollowed out souls as they weep alone and we’re granted access to watch it all in horrible close ups.

This should be mandatory for all parents considering sending their offspring to a school like this… and maybe, just maybe, the end of the show will reveal that boarding school isn’t all relentless gloomery.

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  • http://[email protected] margaret laughton

    M of Glimmers you are absolutely right about these Institutions. But just beware: if all seems “alright” at the end of the programme it is because these children (little children} have had to get “tough” to “fit in” and face the house mistress every day instead of their Mothers (now that’s a thought) just to survive… you cannot, are are not allowed, to cry like that forever in those schools… it even stops you going home and phoning your Mother. “stop crying and enjoy it” is the order of the day and you might get those privileges back..
    BUT as an adult you will be left with the scars of it all : coping, confident, independent (you had to be ) maybe …… but really hurting inside

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