Yo Gabba Gabba! The parent’s best kept secret…

The Mighty Boosh aren’t psychedelic enough (or, at all) and Sesame Street has left British TV. It stinks. What can fill the void? Well, parents of pre-schoolers have been keeping a show all to themselves and not letting on to those of us who need The Weird. So step forward Yo Gabba Gabba, quite possibly the finest thing showing on the television right now…

Okay, I could wax lyrical about how the whole thing feels like it just dropped out of George Clinton’s mind or how ace it is to see something so strange on air… and how someone decided that putting Biz Markie on a kids show would be a great idea… instead, see for yourself with a selection of ace videos of the show!

Beastie Boys keyboard player, Money Mark sings about robots

Leslie Hall doing mental dancing!

Party in my tummy!

Not to mention hipster electro poppers Chromeo appearing (here) and Flight of the Conchords Rhys Darby appearing doing a cool robot trick! (here)

Go watch it now. NOW!

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