You gotta love Larry: Larry David lambasts High Definition


I read today that High Definition might make an appearance on Freeview in next year’s World Cup in South Africa. Having seen quite a lot of HD, it’s a terrific telly-watching format and is very nice and pin-sharp and colourful and all the rest of it, but everyone’s going a little bit mad for it at the moment, which triggers this weird impulse of techno-rebellion in me. Yes, I’ve got my old, battered 14in portable out and I’m watching TV on that at the moment. Still, having HD for free through your existing aerial will be pretty cool (you can already get it free HD via Freesat and SkyHD), but until then I’ll just let people get on with it. One person who isn’t down with the HD buzz is the Larry David. You gotta love Larry…

In this month’s Esquire magazine (does anybody read magazines like this anymore), Larry was quoted saying some stuff about the HD revolution. (He also came up with this killer line: “I tolerate lactose like I tolerate people”).

“You know, the show’s in high-definition now,”David says in the interview. “So I’m looking at the dailies now and I said to the producer, “Listen, this is crazy. I look like I’m 75 years old. Nobody wants to watch an old man being funny. That’s just a fact. No one wants to see this old man on TV.”

The backlash starts now… or at least from Larry David. But you can’t blame him – HD does have a habit of bringing out every single facial blemish and stray hair (which is bad news for Richard Keys), even when half-ardely blotted out by a make-up artist. Remind me never to go on HD TV.

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