Why all the Dave hate?

Since its birth, there’s been a lot of hate floating in Dave‘s direction. Viewers and commentators love sticking the boot in on this new fledgling Now That’s What I Call The BBC channel. It’s a Best Of but treated with immense disdain. While TV should be treated with utter contempt most of the time, I don’t quite understand the ire about Dave over any other channel. It comes under fire from not only viewers, but by those that appear on it… so what’s the beef?

Let’s start with the celebrities that like nothing more than to give Dave a kick in the nuts. On Mock The Week, I’ve seen him referring to Dave viewers as sad, lonely onanists who are below parasites in the food chain. It’s the first time I can recall a stand-up attacking the viewers of a channel as opposed to the channel itself. What makes this weird is that Boyle is more than happy to take the cash to appear on Argumental. I don’t get where he’s coming from.

Alan Davies is far more angry about it. A while back, he made a Tweet that referred to the channel as the “vermin of the earth” which is less than flattering. Apparently, Dave don’t give him any royalties for the repeats of QI, which is a reasonable gripe… however, surely that’s not the fault of Dave, but rather, QI Ltd who make the show. Or even Talkback Thames who produce it. If they brokered a deal which saw the ‘talent’ getting nothing, then why doesn’t he attack them instead? Maybe Dave is this acceptable target of a bad deal? In both Boyle and Davies case, they seem to be slating the wrong people (from the outside looking in at least).

The viewers who hate it seem to have a two-tier rule book as well. People bemoan the sheer amount of repeats. However, don’t attack UKTV Gold (or whatever it’s called these days) or E4 for the repeat programmes they show. Dave, it seems, seems to come under unfair stick. No-one seems to want to say that Dave might just switch some channel hopper on to some cool shows that they may not have watched when originally shown on the acceptable BBC channels.

Someone who even I haven’t heard of wrote on this very site about the irritating idents and Cobra beer ads that feature on the channel. The tone was ‘boo hoo… they do my head in’, but is there a show sponsor that isn’t annoying? They ALL do my head in when I’m watching TV. The ones that accompany Harry Hill’s TV Burp make me want to stab myself in the throat. However, there’s no point moaning about it because the show that lies between make up for it.

It seems that Dave is being treated like the weakling sibling, kicked around by all and sundry, despite the fact that pretty much everything it shows is pretty good. Of course, you’ve seen them all before (mostly) but you don’t get people standing in front of boxsets in HMV screaming “BOOOO! REPEATS! REPEATS! WHADDALOADARUBBISH! BOOOOOOOOO! BBBBBOOOOOOOOO!” do you?

Of course, I think all channels should be slated because… well… it’s more fun than being nice for most of you… but really, slag it for something that it does that is uniquely wrong with itself, as opposed to singling out the bad things that are shared by most commercial channels. Dave may be a bit crap… but that’s all it is… it’s not evil.

As an aside, there’s a man in America called Dave Channel. Click here to see an old picture of him.

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