Coming soon… The Supersizers Eat…, BBC Two


The Supersizers Go… was once of the hits of last year, featuring as it did journalist Giles Coren and broadcaster Sue Perkins go back in time, dress up in silly clothes and live and eat period food for a whole week. The good news is that Giles and Sue are back for a new series of time-travelling food exploits. So where will they be going this time around?

The Supersizer Go… saw Giles and Sue mainly get lashed. Let’s not beat around the bush here. They got hammered in pretty much every single episode. This excess of alcohol wasn’t necessarily their fault as periods such as Restoration, Regency and Victorian usually started off their days with a bottle or two of claret and, because of the lack of drinkable water available, continued and ended with a bottle or seven of claret.

Apart from the three aforementioned eras, where they both ate some really shockingly, stomach-turning food, Giles and Sue also lived the Wartime and Seventies life.

These food experiments usually resulted in alarming variations to their bodily functions, so it’s anyone’s guess why they would want to do it all again.

This time around, in The Supersizers Eat…, Giles Coren and Sue Perkins return to explore six further eras of gluttony, gastronomy and not-so-gorgeous food from the ages.

Episodes in the new series, to air next month, will see them sample the culinary delights of 1950s Britain, Medieval England, 1980s London and the Roaring 20s. Marie-Antoinette’s Versailles and Rome also feature on the historic hit-list as the Supersizers take their quest for culinary enlightenment abroad.

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