What to watch today if you’re snowed in

I was stranded a bit yesterday in Gloucestershire (not a bad place to be stranded in to be honest), and I didn’t get back home until late last night. On the radio during the long drive home, many people were debating the snow and the awful weather (awful? It was AMAZING!), and one of the strands Five Live discussed was, if you’re stuck at home and unable to get to work, what to do with your time. Isn’t it obvious?! You absolutely do not get our of your pyjamas all day, you curl up on the sofa with a cup of your favourite warm drink and switch on the telly. You’re allowed to have a break to go outside and build a dirty-great snowman, but after that it has to be telly all the way and plenty of revelling in the fact that you don’t have to go to work. But what do you watch? Have a look after the jump…

In the AM: From 11am on BBC One there are ‘lifestyle’ shows. Lots of them. To Buy Or Not To Buy, Cash In The Attic and Bargain Hunt form this sort of crushingly dull Holy Trinity, while on BBC Two there are loads of kids leaning stuff.

Over on ITV1, This Morning continues with guest Shane Ritchie bigging up the new Minder (someone has to) and some fashion stuff. Phillip Schofield had a day off yesterday because he couldn’t get into work, but he’s started to tweet on Twitter (have a look here).

Over on Channel 4, there’s the cheery Britain’s Deadliest Addictions and then Year Dot at 11.30am, which follows a bunch of youths trying to decide what to do with their lives.

Five has Ann Maurice: Interior Rivalry at 11.30am, a reality show that tries to find Britain’s best interior ‘stager’.

In the PM: After the usual lunchtime blitz of news and Loose Women, Meerkat Manor, Animal Park and Trash To Cash are on BBC One from 1pm, while Dickenson’s Real Deal in on ITV1 at 2pm.

Come on, this is RUBBISH. Where are the black and white films? The interesting stuff? Thank YOU Channel 4 for The Cruel Sea at 1.05pm. It stars Jack Hawkins in a top-notch WWII film. Hurrah for Channel 4 and good old Jack Hawkins!

Five, meanwhile, has Going For Gold, Neighbours and Home And Away from 1pm.

Then we get into the Deal Or No Deals and Countdowns of this world and you know it’s almost tea time.

You can obviously find much more interesting stuff on the multi-channels (Top Gear in the morning on Dave, The Professionals and The Prisoner on ITV4 at 11am, Inspector Morse all morning on ITV4 and Bones and Cold Case), but this terrestrial lot is pretty poor. Tell you what, you might as well just go outside and dick about in the snow if you can.

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