TV Review: Gossip Girl, ITV2, Wednesday 21st January


Oh Gossip Girl how I’ve missed you. Yes, you’re trashy, shallow and really have nothing to say to me about the state of the world. But you’re fabulous. With your pretty little dresses and bitchy little quips. All wrapped up in a rich, Park Avenue setting. I’m in heaven. Luckily ITV2 saw the first episode of series 2 finally airing over here. Was it worth the wait?

After the mess series one was left in (everyone hates each other, none of the girls get the boy), it was a pretty fast paced episode. Trying to tie up all the summery loose ends before school starts again and everyone can get back from The Hamptons to their normal little perfect lives.

About that school thing. I still can’t believe that these people are meant to be kids. For a start, none of them look younger than 20. (Blake Lively, you’re not a teenager, even if you squeak like one when you giggle.) Who talks like this at school?! Who has issues with burlesque dancing and hating your fraudster of a father?! I was more worried about my English homework.

Gossip Girl does smack of one thing, and I thing this might be its downfall: The OC. Haven’t we already done the pretty rich people with issues show? Same story, different state. Serena Van Der Woodson (I wish I’d made that ridiculous name up) makes a pretty good replacement for Marissa Cooper and Blair Waldorf seems to be a cute (if more uptight version) up the fabulous Summer Roberts. This show is nothing new, the format is exactly the same.

I wanted to love this episode, but really it was a bit too trite, and is the bloke Blair was being a bitch towards really an English Lord? Dan Humphrey (let’s call him this season’s Ryan Atwood) has trouble writing a story about how in love he is with the pretty rich girl? It’s a substandard episode. The OC seemed to do it so much better. But the outfits in Gossip Girl are better.

That said, Chuck Bass is the best character by far. If you can believe that this guy is a 17 year old kid you’ll love watching him. He makes everything seem more exciting. He’s the tormented boy whose in love but can’t say it in this episode. And the next one, and the next one I imagine. The series is about 20 weeks long and there’s lots more surprises to come. And many more fabulous dresses.

I know not everyone is going to love this show, and I even know that it’s candy floss rubbish. But there’s something fabulous about it that keeps drawing me back. This series is set to be a rollercoaster, I just hope it doesn’t burn out like The OC did.

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