Who are the real stars of ER?

ER has been nothing short of outstanding this season. They really are pulling out all of the stops to make it the best season ever. The main characters are fantastic, but over the last few episodes I’ve realised that the stars of the show are often the characters that you sometimes don’t even notice.

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Frank (played by Troy Evans) can all to often fall into the background. That’s his role. He’s meant to do that. But when he’s there, you notice. At Pratt’s memorial, you realised that he was as much an integral part of the show as the main cast. The death hit him hard and watching him was more emotional than seeing the rest of the cast. We expect big speeches and emotional stuff from the rest of them, seeing it from a supporting character was much more interesting. Watching him dance around the ER when Abby left was brilliant.

Haleh Adams (Yvette Freeman) has been fantastic too. The supporting role she has is actually a role of support to every single other member on the ER team. No other character affects everyone else’s life like she does. She’s there for everybody at one point or another – the eyes and ears of the ER. She’s the one who remembers every single person who’s come and gone or been killed by a helicopter.

These are the characters that make ER what it is. Sure, the main roles are great. But if the show wants to pull out the big guns and have a high drama episode, this is when these guys really pull it all together. Without them, it might just be a little more Holby City. Instead, they make everything seem a little more real and ER is a much better show for it. The supporting roles will never get the recognition like the main cast, but the should be celebrated all the same.

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