So what is going on with ER and George Clooney?

As the final, last-ever series of ER roars inexorably to its climax, there’s one thing and one thing only on fans of the medical drama is whether Gorgeous George Clooney will appear in the end episode. It could develop into one of those will-he-won’t-he things that reaches fever pitch unless its resolved quickly and decisively. The show’s creators have already said that Anthony Edwards – another stalwart from the show’s halcyon years – will return, even though his character died of a brain tumour. Clooney’s character, Doug Ross, did not die of a brain tumour, so his appearance should be fairly straight forward. Shouldn’t it?

I used to love ER. Those years where Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Sherry Stringfield, Julianna Margulies, Noah Wyle and the bloke who played Dr Benton were just fantastic. I sort of left the show in recent years, but this last series is making feel all gooey and rose-tinted and reminiscent.

I really want all those actors to come back, to have a big party in the ER and for the whole thing to go up in flames. Or something. I also want Mario Bello to come back, but they’re for entirely different reasons.

The person who, quite naturally, has been getting all the speculation is Clooney. Since he left the show he went onto become President of the Known Universe, and his chiselled jawline has since been used to mine copper in New Mexico.

The latest on the Clooney saga is that exec producer John Wells has said this: “George is very busy. He’s very handsome. And he’s just finishing up in Puerto Rico on a film. We’ve talked about it a couple of times.”

Asked whether he thought he would be able to make an appearance, he said: “I’d be surprised, but then George loves practical jokes. So who knows?”

I think that’s actually quite an encouraging sign, although I expect this story to run and run until the last possible moment.

ER continues on More4, every Thursday at 9pm. Until it finishes, obviously.

His character, Doug Ross, was headstrong, a lover not a fighter (although he did have a few fights) and the kind of hero everyone wanted to be. So why doesn’t he just ditch his exciting, award-winning movie career and come back to star in the final episode?

Because he’s an exciting, award-winning movie star, that’s why. The latest on the Clooney situation can be found here. Creator

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