Set The Video: ER, Channel 4, Thursday 15 January, More 4, 9pm

Wow, ER really know how to turn on the high drama when they need to, don’t they? It’s the final series and they kick off by killing Pratt, probably the most loved character in the show. Now I’ve finally stopped crying (seriously, dramatic death and funeral in one episode, is that fair?) I’m glued to the rest of the series.

So, this isn’t really a “Set The Video” post. It’s more a “Cancel Your Plans Whatever They Are” post.

After 15 seasons, the doors will finally close on the Chicago ER room at the end of this series. Of course, not before they’ve played every single dramatic trick in the book. Seriously, all of them. You can expect George Clooney and Noah Wyle to show up at some point soon. Not Goose from Top Gun though. They gave him cancer and killed him off remember? Even the bloke whose legs they chopped off will be popping in to say hi.

Somehow, the ER writers manage to make the show seem vaguely plausible (sometimes). Except this week’s episode has them treating a bio terrorist! A bio terrorist! That’s fabulous telly right there! How many more cast members will they kill off before the end of the show? My guess is three.

I’ll be sad to see this show go, but at least it looks like they’re going out with a bang.

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