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Random hate: Someone called Trimble from Corpus Christi on University Challenge

By johnberesford on December 2nd, 2008 110 comments

trimble argh.jpgBeing a bloke, I’m pre-programmed to take sides. I’ll take sides over almost anything. Football matches which feature two teams that I don’t support; Which make of guitar is the best; Two people running for a bus; picking sides in quiz shows. Now, taking sides doesn’t merely mean favouring one side, but either really really really rooting or actively despising a side. Last night, watching University Challenge (BBC Two, Monday, 1 December, 8pm), in a face-off between Edinburgh University and Corpus Christi of one of those posh colleges from Cambridge or Oxford (who actually cares which one, apart from those that attended?), I became completely enveloped by my hatred for the captain of Corpus Christi. She was called Trimble and she smugged one off all over me.

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When you’re watching University Challenge, it’s nigh on impossible not to be impressed by the sheer volume of knowledge that these little chumps have. A lot of them look like keyboard players from progressive rock bands, others look like they haven’t had enough sunlight and others look like they’ve never had the nerve to so much look at their own genitalia. Sometimes, you get one so brain-rupturingly irritating and smug that you actively will science to invent a screen that you can reach through and punch those inside.

Not for some time have I been so angry at a complete stranger as I was with this Trimble character. Each answer was met with a smug-grin or a cocky smirk. My normally placid girlfriend ended half-poetically seething “Not a friend did she own at school” before physically turning her back on the screen so she didn’t have to bear this odious little smug-specimen. Now for those of you who think that this is sour graped jealousy on my part, think again. I love seeing these spods having a rare moment in the sun. God knows they got bullied enough at school. They probably still are. Their prowess in the exam room is their only way to flex a muscle. Being one for the underdog, you encourage these social-retards on from your remote position.

However, when you’re dealing with a Trimble, you just know that they’ve sneered at thick people… and by ‘thick’, I mean people who don’t know as much as her, which is virtually everyone, her own team included. Trimble even had the gall to dribble a patronising “Oh well done!” to one of her team-mates when they got a question right. She’s the library dwelling intellectual equivalent of a stroppy flair footballer.

She will, of course, end up in a job that sees her earning a million times what I’ll ever earn in my life… however… would I ever want a pint with her? Nope. I’d be in the long queue trying to get away. She could easily win University Challenge on her own, but I get the feeling she may well celebrate alone as well. I want to lose this baggage of hating just about every single Oxbridge student ever, but when faced with one who more than lives up to the worst kind of stereotype, I take a million steps backward and regress to some snotty nosed braying urchin. I’d better stop there or I’ll start feeling guilty about this article and that wouldn’t do for a thicko like me.


Due to people not noticing that there’s other articles regarding this, which are much more pleasant, please be directed to The Lame Apology Which No-One Read and A Review Of The Final. Mof.

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  • HenryB

    Mr Blogger you’re a success. Your tide of gratuitous unpleasantness, aimed at someone whom you’ve never met and about whom you know nothing, and the equally unpleasant comments that settled on it (like flies on a t*rd) have actually formed the news, at least as far as the Daily Wail is concerned. You’re a one-man news story!

    Pretty cool.

  • carl

    you and your girlfriend sound like charmers!

    now you’ve gone and upset all the uneducated chavs…

    did rubbish at school eh? that must be a real regret…

    ha ha ahahahahahahahahhahahahaa

  • George

    “I became completely enveloped by my hatred for the captain of Corpus Christi”

    On the basis of this, I’d be joining the long queue trying to get away from you.

    Hyperbole is a writer’s tool, and a right. But you’ve bullied (not critiqued) somebody (and not somebody’s performance) in a public forum, where your victim has no easy way to respond.

    If you are regretting this now that you’re being been identified as a bully and a boor, then that’s a reaction that would be appropriate.

  • Lawrence OReilly

    I totally agree with P Phillips.

    Well done to Gail & Co.Lets now start a thread on that really smug, ‘pat you on the back for getting one right Yeo’.

    My only regret is that I missed Gail in the earlier rounds. Anyone happen to have a recording I could borrow?

    Was she always the captain? I am sure that the first time I saw her she wasn’t.

    I hope that she doesn’t dissappear into some dusty old academic position. We need to see more of her! LG.

  • james murray

    We have really got to stop looking at this website. It’s famous for .. nothing at all.

  • Bubblecar

    My verdict: those defending Trimble are of course right, but those attacking her are the more entertaining posters. And University Challenge is, after all, just another TV entertainment. Stomping on the tall poppies of TV Land is fun – it doesn’t have to be fair.

  • Ferdy Fronty

    Gail Trimble re-awakens all those librarian
    fantasies I had as a lad.
    I must go for a lie down.

  • Bas


    Well I’m certainly sneering at the writer of that nasty little piece.

  • Niki

    If Gail was a man rather than a woman, we wouldn’t even be having this debate. I think she is great and you should all get over yourselves.

  • Alibaabaa

    Yeah I have to say I don’t really get all the hate for her. It’s not really all that entertaining to attack her either, simply because there are much more worthy targets :-/

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