BBC reveals Top Ten most-watched iPlayer programmes


One of the things that has really changed when watching television is the advent of the iPlayer and other (frankly inferior) online catch-up services. The BBC’s version is a class act, covering as it does both television and radio programmes. It’s great and I’ve used it a lot this year. There is criticism for some quarters – it’s destroying the internet because of the crazy-large bandwitdth it needs, and the BBC is obliterating the competition. Argue till the cows come home, but what I’m interested in is, during a season of lists (see our very own Top 50 here), is what people have been watching. The BBC, right on cue, has revealed the Top Ten most-watched iPlayer programmes of the year. Have a look after the jump.

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This makes for quite interesting reading. It doesn’t inlcude some of the network’s biggest shows (like Strictly and Casualty), and there’s a definite skew towards male viewers. There’s also a strong element of cultishness to the list – Doctor Who and Survivors and Merlin especially – which makes sense because this is the internet and the male thing.

What I also noticed is that both series 11 and series 12 of Top Gear are up there, and seris four and series six of Mock The Week are also in there, which tells me that people quite like the idea of watching episodes whenever they want, not necessarily in the right order (reminds me of Morcambe and Wise joke). Perhaps the start of something?

Top Ten Most Watched Series

(average views per episode)

1. Doctor Who (series four)

2. Top Gear (Series 12)

3. Top Gear (Series 11)

4. Little Britain USA

5. Merlin

6. Survivors

7. The Apprentice (series four)

8. Mock the Week (series four)

9. Spooks (series seven)

10. Mock the Week (series six)

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