A new Egghead is announced… and he’s called Barry

There’s been quite a bit of activity on an old article I did about Eggheads of late. Basically, everyone has been having a good old time dishing out the kicking to CJ de Mooi, Daphne and Judith et al. Quite right too. As much as I enjoy watching the show, the team of quiz experts contain enough smug to go around the world twice. In fact, they’d probably correct me on that. However, there’s something of a mystery surrounding the show at the minute thanks to a spin-off called Are You An Egghead? which has seen Britain’s quizzing giants going head-to-head with the victor winning a place on the Egghead desk. At the expense of…?

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When I first saw this new show, searching for a new Egghead, I demanded to know who was leaving. At first, I assumed it would be Kevin as he’s so super-smart that he must be bored of beating everyone all the time. Not only that, he seems like a pretty nice bloke and sometimes, when the rest of Eggs roll their eyes in disgust at a competitor’s wrong answer, he looks like he wants to die. However, the answers aren’t forthcoming. Maybe the producers are merely adding a sixth?

So, the battle commenced between a bunch of trivia-behemoths (and in some cases, physical behemoths) and in amongst the pack were some really cool people who didn’t glibly throw out answers and would’ve made Eggheads a mellower place to be. However, true to form, some bloke won called Barry, who is as bad, if not worse, than the existing Eggers.

Barry may well know a lot of things, but one look at him tells a thousand depressing tales. He looks like the kind of man who sits alone in his house eating beans from a can, quite possibly with his dead mother propped up in a cupboard. His eyes are darkened by a lack of getting out and he has a speech-defect. He’s so un-cool that he could defeat The Fonz with squareness. He’ll fit right in with the irritating Eggheads.

However, in the comments on the old article I did, everyone seems to be hinting that CJ is making way for Barry. This too, seems to be a popular choice. However, a little delving later, and I’m under the impression that CJ is going nowhere and in fact, Barry enables the show to rotate the Eggheads, presumably so they can have a week off now and again. Also, one of them (mentioning no-names) is a rather doddery old woman with a voice so trembling that she constantly sounds like she’s sat on a tumble dryer who looks like her time on earth is nearly up. A quick substitution may well be needed after a cold winter.

Whatever the outcome, we can all carry on watching the show and in new host Jeremy Vine, at least someone on screen shares our contempt for those pulling horrified faces from the Eggy bleachers… and soon, we’ll see Barry, gurning away on that huge screen behind.

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