TV Review: Strictly Come Dancing Results Show, BBC One, Sunday 2 November, 8.15pm


Not quite so much waffle in this week’s results show, but, for me, it was all about the professional dancers. First they did a completely fabulous group dance to Proud Mary (my legs wouldn’t move so fast if my feet were actually on fire!). And then Anton and Flavia, Erin and Vincent did the most fantastic routine I’ve seen on Strictly. I LOVED it. In fact, I feel confident I’ll be watching it fairly obsessively on YouTube for the next few days. (But did you notice how Brucie-esque Anton was when he did his comedy bit?)

There was then a musical interlude from Kelly Jones from out of the Stereophonics, singing the theme from The Office. I mean, Handbags and Gladrags. What’s he hawking? A greatest hits? (It didn’t make me want to buy the CD, but it did make me want to watch The Office. I miss Tim.)

Even though it meant my prediction was wrong, I was glad when Christine went through and, with Heather, John and Andrew in the final three, found myself thinking I didn’t really mind who went home. And then John was through, leaving Heather and Andrew in the bottom two. And I wasn’t at all sure who the judges would save. Heather is the better dancer, but she hasn’t improved, in fact, if anything, she’s getting worse, whereas Andrew has, arguably, been improving.

I didn’t think Heather’s dance-off was any better or worse than her original performance. Her feet just don’t move fast enough (maybe she should try setting light to them?) and she looks under-rehearsed. It’s kind of strange. Since it might have been her last dance, you think she would have just gone for it, but no.

This time I was shouting, “Dance, man!” at Andrew Castle. I know he had a knee injury, but he was walking when he should have been dancing. He also could have smiled more and had more fun with it. He still looked like he was concentrating hard.

I would have found it pretty difficult to choose between them so I had no clue what the judges were going to do, but it turned out they were nowhere near as undecided as me.

Craig saved Heather (after saying the improvement with both couples was “vast”, which was nonsense). Arlene also said they both improved, but saved Heather too. Bruno said Heather and Brian should never have been in the bottom two and so, of course, saved them. And Andrew was out. I won’t miss Andrew, but I know Ola will be missed, the minx. Andrew gave a very sweet speech and got a standing ovation from the judges. Seems like a nice man, but he’s no dancer.

John should go next. But he probably won’t.

Strictly Come Dancing, BBC One, Saturday 8 November, 6.00pm

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