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TV Review: Dancing With the Stars, Watch, Friday 7 November, 9pm

By ShinyMedia on November 8th, 2008 1 comment

teampaso.jpgI’ve reached the point in Dancing With the Stars (and, to a lesser extent, Strictly Come Dancing) where I feel like I’m experiencing dance fatigue. Last night, I sat down to watch the show with no anticipation, no excitement and little interest. Oh, I was thinking, another rumba, another paso… sigh.

It may be partly because this season is, again, a little lacking in atmosphere. Not as badly as last season, granted, but it all just seems a bit lacklustre. I was trying to work out why. I thought perhaps it was the audience, but no, they seem very enthusiastic. I wondered again if it’s that the studio is just too big… but then I decided it’s probably the celebrities – they’re just not charismatic enough to fill the space.

I mean, Brooke Burke is an incredible dancer, one of the best I’ve ever seen, but she’s shown very little personality. Lance Bass is entertaining enough, but he’s no Joey Fatone. Susan Lucci? Maurice Greene? Cody Linley? Meh. I think this may be why, despite him not being a great dancer, Warren Sapp is the one I look forward to seeing the most – his personality is big enough to fill the space.

And it’s not just the celebrities, I think a lot of the problem last season was that Maksim Chmerkovskiy was missing and, of course, he had to exit early this season too. And now, of course, Julianne Hough is out with an illness and, while Edyta is a great dancer, Edyta is all about Edyta. Derek Hough is trying his best, but jumping about and mugging for the camera does not star quality make.

Anyway, most of the dances this week were only average – if that – apart from Brooke Burke’s foxtrot. It didn’t wow me, but, like Austin Healy in Strictly, all the way through I was thinking “this is perfect” and I was right because she scored three 10s.

But the only exciting part of the show was the team dance. Actually, the second team dance. They’d decided to try something new and that was to split the six remaining contestants (along with their professional partners) into two teams who would then be scored as a group, with the team score being added to their individual scores. Interesting…

So first Susan, Cody and Lance (and Tony, Edyta and Lacey) did a “team” cha cha and it wasn’t very good. Susan Lucci was hopeless. But then…

Warren and Kym, Maurice and Cheryl and Brooke and Derek did a paso doble and it was phenomenal. It was truly exciting. They looked like a group of professionals and basically whizzed on the other team. Fabulous.

What do you call a popstar with a biscuit on his head? Lionel Rich Tea. And he was the musical guest on the results show. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. (Except that every single time I see or even hear of Lionel Richie it makes me want to watch the video for Hello… which then makes me want to make a clay Lionel Richie head.)

lucci.jpgAnyway, Cody and Edyta and Susan and Tony were in the bottom two and it had to be Susan, didn’t it? She’s been pretty much rubbish throughout. And it was. Thank goodness for that.

Dancing With the Stars, Watch, Friday 14 November, 9pm

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  • Diane

    Please make a clay Lionel Ritchie head… :)

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